Add a Lodging Special

Beth Costa on Jul 2, 2021

Hello to all of our lodging members

Check out the current list of Lodging Specials – if you have something listed, make sure you still want it (most don’t have end dates), you can edit or add something new.

Go to

Click on the Member Log-in

Enter your email and password and…

Add or edit a lodging special.

Think immediate, AND ahead to Aug, Sept, Oct.

Mid-week stay, Extended Stays, Staycation for locals, late check-out, early check-in.
Goodies upon check-in, picnic pack for their day of tasting…you’re the experts, not me.

Offer your guests our Wine Road Tasting Pass at a 50% discount as part of their room booking. If you want to make that offer, I need to know if advance and I will make YOUR lodging name a Promo Code for 50% off. The customer could then order and pay for it themselves for the day they want to use it.

The pass is $50, with the promo code it would be $25. Pass is good for 1-day, only one pass is needed for 2 people. DETAILS HERE
That promo code would be good NOW through August 31, then we’ll reevaluate if we want to extend it. AGAIN I need to know you’re interested before I make the promo code live for your property.

Happy Weekend (almost)


Posted by Beth Costa