Add to our Event Calendar

Beth Costa on Feb 17, 2023

Hello to all of our winery members –

Those are the tabs a customers can see when they click on our Winery Events tab:
Virtual Events, Wine Specials, Shipping Deals, Something Different!
I see lots of virtual events on your facebook pages, and many of you have wine sales/specials and shipping deals…but none of then are listed on our website.  You are missing out!
Thousands of people are clicking on the Winery Events tab every week.
log onto 
click on the members link on the top right
enter your email and password
Then, in the black tool bar, click on the word EVENTS and fill out the form.
Toward the bottom of the form, be sure to click on the correct tab – Virtual Events, or Wine Special, or Shipping Deal, or Something Different? – you can actually click on more than one if it makes sense.
then just hit submit….
While you’re there – do you have Wine Awards you could add to the website?
Would you like to make a special offer for our Insider Members – you can add that also.
Just click on the links and fill out the forms.
Before you leave – do you have an employment opportunity? Fill out that form and hopefully find the new team members you are looking for.

Posted by Beth Costa