Shelter in Place – starting tomorrow night

Beth Costa on Dec 10, 2020

To all Wine Road members –

I imagine you have all seen this by now, but if not – these are the overall rules:
The County of Sonoma is adopting a “Stay At Home Order” that will start tomorrow night (Friday – Dec. 11) at midnight. 

Here is the topline info, see below for full info and links:

• This starts on Friday night, Dec 11 – tomorrow- at midnight
• This goes until Saturday, January 9 – at midnight
Hotels and lodging are only “allowed to offer accommodations for those coming to the area for essential work or for COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures.”
• Restaurants can do take-out/pick-up or delivery only
Wineries, distilleries and breweries can do production, manufacturing, distribution and retail sales for off-site consumption. No tasting onsite (indoors or outdoors.)
• Retail can be open with 20% capacity
• Stand-alone grocery stores can be open with 35% capacity
• Campgrounds overnight stays are not permitted

Find the full press release is HERE. 

Posted by Beth Costa