Covid Update – June 5, 2020

Beth Costa on Jun 5, 2020

To all winery members –

I was hoping to have some great news about tasting rooms getting the green light to open, but that is not exactly the case.

As of tomorrow (Saturday, June 6th) the only change is that you can now also host tasters indoors, but the “meal” requirement is still in place.

Please be aware the “meal” requirement is complicated. A sandwich, salad or charcuterie board is NOT considered a meal. Proceed with caution if you are announcing that you are open.

Please check with the Public Health office for direction and the ABC to ensure you are complying with your permits and licenses.

This is the exact order announced this afternoon:

On June 5, 2020, the County of Sonoma Health Officer has issued an updated County Health Order.

This becomes effective at 12:01 AM on Saturday, June 6 and continues in effect until the order is rescinded, suspended, or amended in writing my the Sonoma County Health Officer or by the State Public Health Officer.

Among the significant changes are:
• Tasting rooms, bars, pubs, breweries and craft distilleries may offer:
a) curbside pick-up, delivery, shipping; and b) both indoor AND outdoor, sit-down meals in accordance with their land use permit and if the business has a food-facility permit (if applicable)
• Retail: walk-in customers allowed for walk-in shopping, within certain parameters
• Churches: up to 100 people permitted to be indoors
• Barbershops and Hair Salons for haircuts only
• Swimming pools for lap swim; no locker rooms are permitted to open
In addition, since businesses are required to have employees conduct a health assessment and temperature check before reporting to work, the County has developed an electronic application that businesses should be using called the SoCo COVID-19 Check (see below for information on the SoCo COVID-19 Check App).

Click here to view the order.

I encourages you to read the order in full, below are highlights and major changes to the Health Order we feel you should be aware of:

3. While certain indoor activities and businesses are allowed in this Order to operate, such as retail, restaurants, and faith-based gatherings, the science is clear that to the extent that these activities can continue to be done outdoors (such as retail curbside pickup, outdoor dining or outdoor faith based services) or remotely via electronic means, the risk of virus transmission is lower and is therefore recommended

8. Purpose and Intent. The intent of this Order is to ensure that people continue to shelter in their places of residence to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible and mitigate the impact on delivery of critical healthcare services. All provisions of this Order must be interpreted to effectuate this intent. This Order also adopts the State of California’s Stay- at-Home Order’s designations for Allowed Business, Essential Infrastructure, and outdoor recreation, and thus allows a limited number of additional activities to resume while the Health Officer continues to assess the transmissibility and clinical severity of COVID-19. This Order also clarifies when Face Coverings are required, as set forth in Section 24. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this Order constitutes an imminent threat and menace to public health, constitutes a public nuisance, and is punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.

xxiii. Dine-in restaurants and food facilities. Brewpubs, breweries, bars, pubs, craft distilleries, wineries, and tasting rooms may operate under this Section only if meals are provided, including by contract with another vendor. Alcohol can only be served in the same transaction as a meal. Alcohol only retail sales may only occur after the meal;


18. Framework for Reopening. All businesses, including public agencies, operating in the County shall comply with local and state orders and guidance, including preparing, posting, and implementing a Social Distancing Protocol, Attached to this Order as Appendix A, at all facilities operating in the County, as well as requiring all employees to perform a self-check for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature check before reporting to their work site or other assignment away from their residence. Employers should use the free Sonoma County SoCo COVID-19 Check Application. An alternative system may be utilized as long as it meets the same purpose of employee and employer assessments and as long as it allows the electronic reporting of equivalent data to be reported to the County in aggregate form.


SoCo COVID-19 Check App

SoCo COVID-19 Check is an app that helps Sonoma County employees and employers prevent and mitigate the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Each day, before starting work, employees should complete a 30-second self-assessment for COVID-19 related symptoms and potential exposure to the virus. The employer portion of the app asks employers to verify that employees do not have temperatures over 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit and are wearing appropriate face coverings in accordance with the Health Orders of the County’s Public Health Officer. Daily screening improves our ability to keep the community safe by reducing contact when symptoms are present. The app also includes a news feed that provides the latest information about COVID-19 from the County Department of Health Services, the State of California and the Centers for Disease Control. This includes infographics and up-to-date statistics for COVID-19 in Sonoma County.

IMPORTANT: Reporting health data to the County of Sonoma is NOT yet mandatory, but will be soon. Once the SoCo COVID-19 Check mobile app is fully available, employers will be given seven days’ notice.




Governor’s Administration Releases Guidance That Will Allow Counties to Re-Open for Leisure Travel, June 12

Govnernor Newsom’s administration released guidance, today, that will allow for counties to reopen for leisure travel as soon as June 12, pending county health officer approval following a review of local epidemiological data including cases per 100,000 population, rate of test positivity, and local preparedness to support a health care surge, vulnerable populations, contact tracing, and testing.

Read the Press Release here.

This advisory includes:
• Updated hotel guidance
• Bars and wineries
• Museums, zoos and aquariums
• Outdoor activities including campgrounds
• Family entertainment venues such as arcades, miniature golf and bowling alleys

The California Department of Public Health also released new guidance on how local jurisdictions with attestations to readiness should modify behavior and operations to reduce risk for infection. All guidance is effective as of June 12 and should only be implemented with local health official approval following their review of local epidemiological data including cases per 100,000 populations, rate of test positivity, and local preparedness to support a health care surge, vulnerable populations, contact tracing and testing.



PPP Loan Program Update

Both the House and the Senate have approved H.R. 7010, a bill that will dramatically alter several critical terms of the recently-enacted Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The bill now heads to the President’s desk for signature, will provide much needed relief for borrowers as they seek forgiveness of their loan amounts.

Three key changes include an extension of the covered period from 8 week to 24 weeks, the ability to spend more of your proceeds on non-payroll costs, and will allow for a longer period of time to replace FTEs/restore salaries.



Upcoming Webinar

June 11, 1:00 PM: The Food & Beverage Industry in the 2nd half of 2020 and Beyond, presented by Merrill Lynch, The Gonzales Group

Bryan Spillane, Team Lead for Bank of America Securities US Food, Beverage and Tobacco Equity Research, will discuss the Food & Beverage Industry in the 2nd half of 2020 and into 2021 and its impact on the trends we might see in our local restaurant, food & beverage industries.



Wine Road Safe: Readiness to Re-Open

Wine Road supports our winery and lodging members in taking the necessary steps to follow safety and health guidelines, as well as communicate to customers and the community that our members are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards to protect the health and welfare of employees, our community and guests. Read the official Press Release here.

Upon completion of the Sonoma Safe Self-Certification Assessment, our member wineries and lodgings we will send you a collection of signs to showcase that you are “Wine Road Safe”. This is a program that was formulated in the Sonoma Valley with their Chamber, Visitor Center and Vintners & Growers. They have shared their program with us. We will begin mailing signs next week to wineries that have send us a copy of their “Sonoma Safe Certificate”.

Have a great weekend –


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