Wine & Food Affair – details and sign-up info

Beth Costa on Aug 9, 2021

Hello to all of our winery members –

Yes, it’s a long way from now until November, but if we hope to host an event, we need to get our information online and begin promoting ticket sales.

Of course things may change from now until November, but we have a plan to begin with and we can move to “plan B” if we need to.

Let’s hope for the best and plan accordingly.

This is the link to sign-up.

– You will need to know the name of the recipe or the food you will be serving.
– You will also have space to write a fun description of what you will be offering for the weekend – maybe meeting the winemaker, or live music or…is there a vendor that will be on property?
– You can list what you’d like, maybe a special offer to ticket holders.

This event is NOT going to be like events in the past.

Every customer will need to have a reservation for every winery they plan to visit.

We will manage all reservations via CellarPass.
Wineries do not need a CellarPass account – it will all go through Wine Road.

We will create the ticket order form with all of the seating available for the weekend –
2 tops, 4 tops and 6 tops at each winery.

– Wineries will chose to have their 1-hour appointments on the hour or the half-hour.
– Wineries will chose to start at 10:00, 10:30 or 11:00
– Wineries will chose to END their reservations at 3:00, 3:30, 4:00 or 4:30

When customers go online to purchase their ticket, they will need to book all of their reservations BEFORE they can complete the transaction and purchase their tickets.

We will have the complete program online for 1 WEEK prior to launching ticket sales.

We have already begun telling customers to watch for the program and to make their plan before they sit down to order tickets.

We have already announced that is it reservation only…we are making every effort to inform visitors before they go to buy tickets.

Additionally – we’d love to see some Friday night options for visitors.
Winemaker dinners, a wine and appetizer reception, or just a later than normal wine tasting – all by reservation.
The wineries that are interested can simply send us the details of their event along with the link for customers to buy tickets from YOU.
The cost is $50 for Wine Road to promote this for you, have it on our website and mention it via our social media platforms. We will also have links on the CellarPass page.
This is something you can limit to 10 people or 20 or..whatever works for you.

We need all of the sign-up done (online, via Eventbrite) by August 18th.
Remember, we are still working short staffed with limited hours.

Thanks –
Beth & Debbie


Posted by Beth Costa