Rolling kitchen cart made from recycled wine barrel.
Philanthropy Art of Oak: A Final Look

Art of Oak is such a unique expression of art that I decide to take a final look at the pieces and share some of the rewards reaped from this creative endeavor. For anyone who didn’t see the previous Art of Oak blogs—an introduction and a closer look—here is a quick summary of how this […]

Rebecca Germolus / May 10, 2016
Recycled barrels from Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Event The Art of Oak: a closer look

In February, the Wine Road’s Art of Oak was unveiled at DeLoach Vineyards, and folks lucky enough to view these amazing barrel transformations were in awe of the results. Background Forty piece of barrel art were created, with about half being sold to the businesses that sponsored the barrels and more sold during preview at […]

Rebecca Germolus / Mar 22, 2016
Ursula Young's art of oak barrel in progress
Philanthropy Art of Oak

What does the Art of Oak have to do with the Wine Road? As part of the year-long 40th Anniversary celebration, the Wine Road has worked with 40 local artists to create art from used oak barrels—Art of Oak. About half the barrels are already sold, with the remaining barrels available for sale now, or […]

Rebecca Germolus / Jan 29, 2016