Are you open this weekend?

Beth Costa on Oct 31, 2019

Hello everyone –
I have the opportunity to share who is open on KRON and KSRO, but I need a list.

I am sure that tomorrow (Thursday) is going to e a bit up in the air, you staff may be out of town etc.

I need to know who will be open Fri, Sat and Sun.
We’ll worry about next week…next week.


As far as Wine & Food Affair goes;
we are sending out an email from Eventbrite to all ticket holders saying it is cancelled this weekend. That has been posted everywhere since last Sunday. It will say that we’re working on a plan for refunds and we may be able to postpone. We will send the a follow up notice by Friday once we have a firm plan in place.

If this is news to you – I’m sorry. I could not get a group email to send. I have been responding to one winery at a time. We did have it posted to our website, on eventbritre, via our social media and as an auto response for myself Debbie and our contact us email. We gave it our best to get the word out.

For now just tell me –
Will you be open this Fri, Sat & Sun?


Posted by Beth Costa