#SipSonoma = $5 Shipping

Beth Costa on Nov 1, 2019

Hello all –
I know what you need now is to sell wine.
Everyone cannot come visit, but you could send them wine.

We are getting plenty of calls from people wanting to know how they can help. So we’re suggesting go online, buy wine.

Are you interested in a BIG promotion that we could share on social, our newsletter and some paid ads etc, for people to order online and only pay $5 for shipping on a case.

This could run for orders placed Nov. 1-22, “in time to get your wine for Thanksgiving and the holiday season”.

If we get a minimum of 50 wineries on board, we could great some great artwork, make a video, spread the word. More wineries would be even better! Less than 50 we not move forward with this idea.

If you are on board for a $5 per case shipping offer, Nov. 1-22, let me know ASAP (tomorrow is Nov. 1).

Customers would then feel an incentive to buy and feel like they were helping you recoup the loss from visitor cancellations.

Let me know –

Posted by Beth Costa