2020 Pinot Noir, Starbridge Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

Woodenhead Winery on Nov 11, 2022

A light to medium bright ruby color. Heavenly honeyed baked spice aromatics, toasty oak, with Manzanita flower, some citrus peel, and a grounded Douglas fir/pine forest floor perfume. Changes slowly to more red berries and perhaps lavender honey, subtle but intoxicating, mysterious, and sophisticated. Boasts forth on the palate with juicy red fruits, cardamom spice, blood orange, and earth. Not heavy, more ethereal. Mid palate entry has a delicate richness. Understated power which pleases the palate and a long silky finish—unlike anything else in our selection of wines. I could go on and on, but you be the witness of its grandeur. I decided to release this almost right away since it is speaking to me now. Not sure how it will age, although all my wines do. Only time will tell… Food? Well maybe a rare veal rib chop slathered in a fine EVO with rosemary and sage, or a duck breast brined in star anise and clove and grilled, tried both, OMG!

Posted by Woodenhead Winery