If you fly out of the Sonoma County Airport (STS), up to one case of wine flies free if you travel on Alaska Airlines. That is a screaming deal, folks.

Wine Flies Free

Here is how it works:

That’s how simple it is!

If you want to read it for yourself, here is the link to the airport’s webpage explaining the checked wine policy.

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How to Package the Wine

In order for the airlines to accept wine as luggage, it can’t be in a regular case box. To go on an airplane, wine needs to be packed in a protective shipping container, like a foam-lined box, or other airline-approved container or box. Wine shipping boxes can be purchased from wineries, packaging/shipping stores, or local wine shops, so don’t let the airline-approved box keep you from taking home your case of Sonoma County wines.

An airline-approved wine shipping box and insert.
An airline-approved wine shipping box and insert.

If you travel often on wine buying adventures, another option is a Wine Check® Bag. This bag is designed to hold a case of wine (12 bottles) inside an airline-approved foam shipper. The bag has wheels and a pull strap for rolling, and also has handles for carrying. The bag is collapsible and reusable, and the interior foam shipper is replaceable, so if it gets damaged, you only have to buy a new foam shipper. It is well worth the investment if you travel often with wine.

A Wine Check bag from ACORN Winery.
A Wine Check bag from ACORN Winery.
The interior view of a Wine Check bag.
The interior view of a Wine Check bag.

Or, if you need a new foam shipper, just fold up your Wine Check bag, put it into your suitcase, and then obtain the foam shipper after you arrive in Wine Country.

Thank You, Alaska Airlines from Wine Lovers Everywhere

Alaska Airlines flies into Sonoma County from many airports throughout the United States. So, no matter where you live, when it’s time to book your next trip along the Wine Road, be sure to fly into STS and fly home a case of wine for free.

Happy Sipping! (and happy shipping, too!)

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