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Rebecca Germolus on Mar 31, 2020

Even though everyone’s life has changed in recent weeks, we can still SIP Sonoma. As we Shelter In Place (SIP—love that acronym), we can continue to connect with others, with our favorite wineries, and even some new ones. And we can definitely still #SipSonoma wines.

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Wineries are places of connection—for gathering, relaxing, having fun, and learning about and enjoying wine. For now, all tasting rooms are closed, but the wineries are open and offering new opportunities for you to stay connected.

If you’re sheltering in place (think SIP), you might have some time to reconnect with a few wineries whose wines you’ve enjoyed in the past. Here are a couple first steps:

  • Sign up to be on their email list, and be sure to add them to your address book so you actually receive emails they send out.
  • Find them on your favorite social media platform and connect with their page.

If you’ve already taken these steps for some of your favorite wineries, maybe check out some new ones and broaden your horizons. Here is a link to the list of all the Wine Road winery members, which is searchable by wine so you focus on those that make the wines you love.

Virtual Tastings and Tours

Once connected, you’ll discover many wineries are offering virtual tastings and cellar or vineyard tours. In some cases you have to sign up in advance for the virtual tastings or tours, but others have videos you can watch any time you’re ready to SIP Sonoma.

Tasting Kits

I’ve received emails from several wineries offering to send a three, six, or twelve-pack of wine, so you can virtually taste through the wines with the winemaker via a videoconference. Groups of friends are also buying the same wines, and then holding virtual tasting parties so they can spend the evening together enjoying the same experience, but from the proper social distance. Be creative—find ways to continue to SIP Sonoma with others while maintaining your distance and staying well.

Varietal of the Month

As part of the Along the Wine Road blog, Marcy Gordon shares the Varietal of the Month, offering amazing options of lesser-known varietals from Wine Road wineries. If you haven’t seen Marcy’s blog, here are links to a few by the varietals she’s covered:

Sauvignon Blanc
Sparkling Wine

Each blog gives you a pre-selected set of wines with tasting notes. You, too, can get these same wines and then compare your tasting notes with Marcy’s.

Shipping Offers and Screamin’ Deals

The Wine Road wants to help you continue to SIP Sonoma wines, and many of their members are offering $5 shipping when you use the code sipsonoma. Most of the participating wineries require a full case purchase to qualify for $5 shipping, but others, like Peterson Winery or Papapietro Perry, are allowing folks to use the discount shipping code on six bottles (Peterson) or just one bottle up to 12 bottles (Papapietro Perry). Who orders just one bottle of wine? If you’re looking to restock your cellar, $5 shipping is a screaming deal.

Image of a truck with free delivery! on the side of it.

Local Delivery

If you live in Sonoma County, the home of the Wine Road and its members, you’ll find many wineries are offering free delivery within the county with a minimum purchase. If you are hunkered down, have all the food and supplies you need, but your wine cellar is rapidly dwindling, this is the perfect solution.

Pedroncelli Winery is offering curbside pickup while their tasting room is temporarily closed.

Curbside Pickup

If you’re going stir crazy and want to go out for a drive, then winery curbside pick up might be your best option. With curbside pickup, there is no minimum and you don’t have to wait for the wine to arrive. A few days ago, I received an email from Pedroncelli Winery, offering curbside pickup along with the adorable image I’ve included above. [Thanks Julie and Ed for sharing it.] Please note, because tasting rooms are closed and working hours vary, wineries are requesting orders be placed online or over the phone, so the local delivery or curbside pickup can be scheduled. Everyone offering curbside pickup is also doing it so everyone safely maintains their social distance.

Additional SIP Sonoma Offers

Since all winery events have been suspended, cancelled, or postponed, the Wine Road has turned their Events page into a list of special offers from their winery members. This page will have more offers added as SIP Sonoma continues on, so check back often.

photo of Spaghetti All' Amatriciana.
Check out the Bricoleur Vineyards website for the Spaghetti All’ Amatriciana recipe.

Recipes for Sipping Sonoma

If you’re honing your culinary skills, and are in need of some new recipes, especially those that pair with wine, there are plenty of options. Here are just a few for you to browse, but I’m sure as you explore the web, you’ll discover even more.

Wine Road Wine & Food Affair recipe database –a treasure of recipes that is searchable by six different categories
ACORN Winery
Alexander Valley Vineyards
Amphora Winery
Bricoleur Vineyards
Carol Shelton Wines
Dutton Estate Winery
Jordan Winery
Kelley & Young Wines
Merry Edwards Winery & Vineyards
Mill Creek Vineyards & Winery
Papapietro Perry
Paradise Ridge Winery
Seghesio Family Vineyards

Virtual Happy Hour

A good friend recently told me her mother doesn’t like to drink alone, but under the new abnormal, she’s alone all the time. My friend now makes happy hour phone dates with her mom a couple times a week. They each pour a glass of wine, and then call each other for happy hour.

Woman talking on her phone and enjoying a glass of red wine.

I’m passing this idea along so in the days and weeks to come you might pour some of your #sipsonoma wines and reach out to connect with others—with a friend, a sibling, an aunt or uncle, or Mom or Dad. Talk while you sip, and hopefully they’ll be doing the same. We are all in this together, and we’ll get to the other side—maybe with a little help (and some wine) from our friends Along the Wine Road.

Happy Sipping!

#SipSonoma #AlongtheWineRoad @theWineRoad

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Rebecca Germolus, co-owner of Maximum Value Marketing, loves Sonoma County and playing along the Wine Road. Rebecca daily immerses herself in wine country by providing cost-effective marketing and writing solutions to wineries and restaurants.

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