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Rebecca Germolus on Jun 2, 2022

Everyone loves to know the insider scoop, be a part of the insider crowd, and get in on the insider deals. Being a wine club member gives you the inside track to wineries, but you can only realistically belong to a few wine clubs.

What if you had a way to be an insider to a lot of wineries, and you only had to join one club? Now you can, by becoming a Wine Road Insider!

The Wine Road just launched a new program that gives everyone who joins the inside track along the Wine Road.

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Insider Perks

Let’s start by exploring the perks:

  • Save 10% on all Wine Road event tickets (limit 2 tickets per membership)
    With the price of tickets running at $100 per person or more, this can save you enough to buy more wine!
  • Purchase event tickets 24 hours in advance of the public
    With event tickets now sold by reservation only, getting the winery and time you want means booking as early as possible. Getting a jump on the reservations means you’ll be able to follow your tasting plan rather than make adjustments because the time slot you want is no longer available—or worse yet, your favorite winery has sold out all their available reservations for weekend.
  • Save 50% on all Wine Road sponsored seminars
    Half off tickets is a screaming deal, and the upcoming seminars are all topics you’ll want to attend. The three upcoming seminars are a Zinfandel blending seminar, an extensive Cabernet Sauvignon seminar and tasting, and a winemaker-led talk on “from the vineyard to the bottle.” Seating for these seminars will be limited, so being an Insider will allow you to get the advance notice regarding all upcoming seminars.
  • Save 10% on all wine purchases at over 20 participating wineries
    A 10% discount adds up quickly and gives you more funds for more wine!
  • Enjoy 2 for 1 Tasting at over 20 participating wineries
    With the price of tasting fees, this savings gives you even more funds for wine purchases, and that is what we all want—more wines to enjoy!
  • Enjoy FREE shipping on a case of wine per month at several participating wineries
    Now this is a serious savings. Have you checked out the price of shipping a case of wine lately? Even if you don’t live locally, you can take advantage of this amazing offer.
A man using a wine thief to fill a wine glass directly from a wine barrel.

Insider Privileges

The list above is just the start of the benefits for Wine Road Insiders. Members will also get time sensitive offers. When you sign up to become an Insider, you can opt in to receive text messages when a new privilege is added to the website. Many of the offers will be good for 7-14 days, or until a wine is sold out. Here are some examples of what will be offered:

  • Complimentary logo glass when tasting in person
  • Vineyard or winery tours with winemaker (48-hour notice advanced notice required)
  • Upgraded charcuterie board with tasting reservation (48-hour advanced notice required)
  • Special rates at lodgings
  • Wine sales – limited time offers

Beth Costa, the Wine Road’s executive director, gave this example of a short-term privilege for Insider members. “A winery is almost sold out of a wine, and offers the remaining inventory to the Wine Road Insider members at a significant discount. This is the type of benefit usually reserved for a winery’s club members, but by being an Insider, it’s like being a club member at multiple wineries.”

Yet More Insider Perks

Wine Road Insider members will also receive “Off the Wine Road” perks. The Wine Road crew is working with various local Sonoma County businesses to offer “Insider Only” benefits. These perks might include benefits like special offers at local restaurants, on recreational activities like zip lining at Sonoma Zipline Adventures or a visit to Safari West, at entertainment venues like Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, or transportation from companies like Pure Luxury Transportation.

Insider Details

If you’d like to read more about the Wine Road Insider club or sign up for a membership, visit the website at Explore>Wine Road Insider. An Insider club membership is only $100 a year. This is quite the deal to be in on the inside track.

Travels along the Wine Road just got elevated a notch!

Happy Sipping!

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Posted by Rebecca Germolus

Rebecca Germolus, co-owner of Maximum Value Marketing, loves Sonoma County and playing along the Wine Road. Rebecca daily immerses herself in wine country by providing cost-effective marketing and writing solutions to wineries and restaurants.

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