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Art of Oak

Art of Oak - A labor of love, began to take shape in early August when we started reaching out to local businesses with the idea of sponsoring a barrel.

Then we coordinated with the Sebastopol Center for the Arts to help find interested artists, it has been quite a journey.

We wanted to take 40 used wine barrels and have local artists turn them into works of art – either painted, sculpted or turned into furniture. Each barrel is sponsored by a business, which is proudly acknowledged on a plaque on the barrel listing their name along with the artist.

Several of the  completed barrels were sold outright by the sponsors, others will be auctioned on May 14 at our Ruby Affair.

The sale of the barrels will benefit the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Art THROUGH Education Programs in Sonoma County. 


Wine Road donates $24,000 to the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Art THROUGH Education Programs


The $24,000 check was presented to the children in the education program from our Board of Directors. The children showed off their musical skills as well as their other projects.  

The sale of the barrels benefit the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Art THROUGH Education Programs in Sonoma County. 


$24,000 Donation from Sale of Art Barrels

Art Of Oak - Finished Barrels ALL have been SOLD

Thank you to those who were compelled to buy their barrel outright!

Thank you to these businesses who jumped in and sponsored a barrel.

Click here to see the complete list of sponsors

The artists really made our vision come to life – thank you to all of them!

Amy Curley
Andrew Thomas
Arturo Monroy
Austin Hawley
Bob Best
Bob Johnson
Brendon Vogel
Bryan Tedrick
Candida Saniorenzo
Debey Zito
Denee Locke
Gary La Bonte
Graham Doran
Hilary Williams
John Ton
Julius Orth
Katherine Henderson
Lizabeth Kirby

Mark Thomas
Maureen Erickson
Maxfield Bala
Michael Dirk Risch
Mylette Welch
Nancy Woods
Nicky Ovitt
Olivia Boyd
Paula Strother
Rob Macy
Ryan Taylor
Sonoma Barrel Décor & Design Co.
Terry Schmit
Toby Johnson
Travis Kubota
Ursula Xanthe Young
Zach Rhodes