From left to right: Marcy, Rebecca and Beth
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 175

On Episode 175 of the Wine Road Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Rebecca Germolus, a wine marketing maven and prolific writer who has been an integral part of Wine Road since its foundation. Rebecca is known for the depth of her research and her outstanding ability to present captivating narratives in her writings […]

Liana Gaffney / May 18, 2023
Author Natalie MacLean with her Book Wine Witch on Fire
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 176

Welcome to Episode 176, a riveting episode where we bring on board renowned wine writer, Natalie MacLean. Dive into the enriching conversation reflecting on her latest book, “Wine Witch on Fire”, a narrative artfully portraying her journey through the tumultuous trials of divorce, defamation, and confronting her over-consumption of alcohol. This episode is not only […]

Liana Gaffney / Jun 1, 2023
From left to right: Beth, Janelle and Marcy in front of a red background
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 177

In Episode 177, we dive into our vibrant city of Santa Rosa with guest Janelle Myers, the VP of Marketing and Communications at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. Janelle reveals the city’s bustling beer scene and brand new beer passport program, which allows visitors to explore various breweries throughout Santa Rosa. She also highlights […]

Liana Gaffney / Jun 15, 2023
From left to right: Beth, Larry and Marcy in front of a red background
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 178

Have you ever dreamt of getting away to a place that combines rich history, natural beauty, and exquisite wines? Listen as we dive into episode 178 of our podcast where we chat with Larry Willis, innkeeper and owner of the Gables Inn in Sonoma County. The Victorian Gables Inn, nestled in a beautiful property, dates […]

Liana Gaffney / Jun 29, 2023
From left to right: Beth, Chef Helena, Marcy
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 179

In this episode, we welcome Chef Helena from Baked on the River. Nestled in the heart of Guerneville, California, Baked on the River started as a community-focused bake shop, serving freshly baked goods and coffee. However, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated agile adaptation. The shop swiftly pivoted, transforming into a stationary food truck, serving food to […]

Liana Gaffney / Jul 13, 2023
From Left to right, Beth, Gio and Marcy in front of a red building
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 180

In this enlightening podcast episode, our host sits down for a fascinating chat with Gio Balisrteri from Russian River Vineyards. They delve into the historical backdrop of the vineyard, Gio’s unique approach to winemaking, and the distinctive tasting events available at the winery. Gio shares insider details about his Bacigalupi Chardonnay, emphasizing the role of […]

Liana Gaffney / Jul 27, 2023
From left to right: Beth, Keith and Marcy in front of a red building. Frame to the right is the Hallberg Blanc bottle
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 181

In the 181st episode of our podcast, we were joined by Keith Hammond, a winemaker at Emeritus Vineyards. For our wine of the day, Keith brought along a white wine, intriguingly made from Pinot Noir. This unusual style is not common, but it certainly is enjoyable to drink. The wine displays elements of Pinot Noir, […]

Liana Gaffney / Aug 10, 2023
From left to right, Beth, Erik, Marcy in front of red building
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 183

Join us for episode 183 of our podcast, featuring our guest, Eric Miller, the dynamic owner and winemaker at Kokomo Winery. In this episode, Eric takes us through his captivating journey of winemaking and the innovative creation of his new brand, Breaking Bread. He illuminates the complex and intriguing techniques used in the wine making […]

Liana Gaffney / Sep 7, 2023
Beth and Marcy in the studio, Dr. Clinton Lee in the bottom right corner
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 184

Join us on a fascinating journey with our guest, Dr. Lee from the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirits Institute (APWASI) in episode 184 of our podcast. Learn about the institute’s mission to share and celebrate the diverse stories of world cultures through food, wine, and spirits. Through their extensive collection of over 30 online courses, […]

Liana Gaffney / Sep 21, 2023
Beth and Marcy in the studio
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 185

In Episode 185 of the podcast, we welcome Dr. Henry Barham, an acclaimed ENT physician, who introduces us to an innovative product called Vinotastr. This unique product is a taste testing kit featuring four strips that enable users to discover their palate sensitivities, helping them determine whether they lean towards bitterness or sweetness in wines. […]

Liana Gaffney / Oct 5, 2023