Perfect Day – Tracy Dutton

Beth Costa on Jun 13, 2019

Tracy Dutton of Dutton Estate Winery is a native Sebastopolian and a member of the Kozlowski family, famous for their pies. Tracy’s perfect day is spent with family in her home. “I love my family and my home and I love creating memories for my family and friends.  If I can create a wonderful memory for my family and friends, then I had a perfect day.”

Tracy holds bottles of wine and a glass, awaiting guests.
Tracy greets her guest with wine.

To start the day Tracy bakes an apple cake, a family favorite and generational dessert they all love during apple season.  Tracy’s Perfect Day is filled with family including her husband and children, her sister’s family, and some friends along with their children.

Tracy draws upon the beauty of Sonoma County to set the tone in her home, making it beautiful with seasonal décor.  “I strive to create beauty to surround my home and my winery, not only for myself to enjoy, but all those who enter for a visit.”

As guests arrive, Tracy opens wine, perhaps a Dutton Estate Kyndall’s Reserve Chardonnay named after one of Tracy’s daughters.  “Everyone is greeted with wine or a favorite beverage for the kiddos.  I always have a candy bar on my kitchen counter and it’s so much fun to watch the kids run to get candy as they arrive. First, it’s the candy, then it’s the pool.” 

After some time playing in the pool, chatting and sipping on wine, Tracy and her husband fire up the grill and begin to barbecue.  “My dinners are quite simple,” says Tracy. “I find that cooking from the heart makes the best meals.” As the sun sets, the outdoor fireplace is lit, and the kids roast marshmallows and make S’mores. It’s the end to a perfect day living the wine country life, in style.

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