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Beth Costa on Mar 8, 2017

Get on Board the Craft Beverage Barrel Bus

Kick-off the second weekend of barrel tasting early a little differently ~ cider, beer & sprits oh my! On Thursday, March 9th get on board the Barrel Bus with Sonoma Cider, Bear Republic Brewing Company, and Alley 6 Distillery to celebrate barrel-aged craft beverages!

sign for Barrel Bus March 9th 4 p.m - 9 p.m.


 This is your chance to experience a world outside of wine in this famous beverage region.

 Dive into the craft beverage world to learn the affects barrel-aging can have on these three very different beverages. For starters, barrel-aged beers are often very complex and layered with elaborate flavors and unique aromas. Cider, being light in nature, picks up incredible complexities from barrel-aging, and distillers choose to age or “finish” their spirits in barrels to further enrich the flavors. Each company will show you the beauty that is barrel-aging and how different types of barrels, unique ingredients and blending affect the different final products.


Image of stacked barrels

These three local companies have teamed up with North Bay Brewery Tours to bring you a full night of fun.

Your ticket gets you a ride on the Barrel Bus to all three locations where you’ll talk to the Brewers, Cider Makers and Distillers of Healdsburg, CA. Every 30 minutes the bus will stop at each location. You decide where you start, how long you stay, and when you leave. The goal – to get a stamp at each location and enter to win some awesome raffle prizes!

The event starts at 4pm. You choose where you want to start and once you’re ready to try another, get on the bus and away you go.

The party ends at Sonoma Cider at 9pm. The raffle winners will be announced and music from The Timothy O’Neil Band will start.


pouring cider into a glass from a barrel using a theif

Purchase tickets online or at the door of any of the three locations.

If you haven’t checked out these companies, read more about them here:


Two men from Sonoma Cider in Healdsburg CA

Sonoma Cider

Sonoma Cider’s story officially began through a unique father and son partnership. Sharing an entrepreneur’s curiosity along with a deep passion for beverages, David and Robert Cordtz set out to reinvent the cider category. Sonoma Ciders are produced from freshly squeezed, organic apples in micro batches to deliver intensity of flavor and a refined experience. All organic, gluten free.


a male and female tasting cider surrounded by barrels of cider

Alley 6 Craft Distillery

Krystle and Jason Jorgensen founded Alley 6 Craft Distillery in 2012. As artisans and business owners, the Jorgensen’s process is defined by a love for the craft and a deep appreciation for spirits. Alley 6 is truly a small batch craft distillery that delivers you a one-of-a-kind experience. The distillery produces premium spirits in small batches using traditional distilling techniques.


A man pouring spirits from a barrel into a special spirit tasting glass

The Bear Republic Brewing Company

 Located in the heart of Wine Country, Bear Republic Brewing Company offers award-winning food along side world class, handcrafted ales. Bear Republic beers are brewed and aged following time tested, proven methods. We hand select only the choicest ingredients for each batch. The specialty grains and hops used by Bear Republic have been chosen for their unique characteristics.

Kegs of brandy

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Barrel Bus poster

Purchase tickets online

or at the door of any of the three locations.

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