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Rebecca Germolus on Jan 10, 2017

If you enjoy podcasts, be sure to check out the Wine Road podcast, where you can listen, laugh and learn all kinds of tidbits about the area—it isn’t just about wine. If you’re planning to visit Wine Country, be sure to put these podcasts on your “must listen” list before mapping out your trip.

In mid-2016, Beth Costa, the Wine Road’s executive director, and Milly Winehouse, a local food, wine and travel writer, launched this podcast with the goal of exploring the wine, when, and where of Northern Sonoma County, and they’ve definitely exceeded their goal.

Wine Road Podcast DJs

Longtime Sonoma County resident, DJ Bethy Beth, a.k.a. Beth Costa, shares her wealth of local knowledge, especially when it comes to wineries, lodgings, and restaurants along the Wine Road. She also has her pulse on the local art scene, local recreational activities like kayaking or canoeing, and more.

Milly Winehouse offers insight into the local wine world, and reviews new wine gadgets and books about wine or the wine industry. I love hearing about the new gadgets and have purchased a few of them for myself and as gifts after listening to Milly’s reviews. Milly also writes for local publications including the Wine Road newsletter, which is chock full of great information from her madcap adventures in the vineyards and wineries along the Wine Road. If you don’t currently receive the Wine Road newsletter, you can join the thousands of subscribers by signing up here. The Wine Road keeps its email list private, so it is safe to share your email address with them.

Beth Costa and Marcy Gordon
DJ Bethy Beth and Milly Winehouse ready to record.

Listen, Laugh, Learn

What makes this podcast so enjoyable and unique is the breadth of information shared by this dynamic duo. The most recent podcast I listened to focused on visiting Healdsburg, giving a 3 Day Itinerary. They covered lodgings, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, wine tasting rooms, a cider tap room, shops, and galleries. As DJ Bethy Beth said, “and there’s so much more.” So I expect to hear another itinerary for Healdsburg soon.

This podcast also explained how the complimentary Wine Road concierge service works, and shared how you can get a free Wine Road map.

Every other podcast has a 3 Day Itinerary of one of the local towns. So far DJ Bethy Beth and Milly have covered:
Healdsburg – Episode 16
Santa Rosa – Episode 14
Guerneville – Episode 12
Cloverdale – Episode 10
Sebastopol & Graton – Episode 9
(Okay so this one wasn’t every other episode, but they were just getting their rhythm going at that point.)

The podcasts also explore other activities you can do in Wine County. Episode 6 digs into everything from zipline tours to kayaking and canoeing to whale watching to strolls through renowned local gardens.

Entertainment Resource Guide

Even if you’re a local, this is an excellent resource for planning day trips, checking out a restaurant that is new to you, or exploring boutique stores, antique shops or art galleries. I recently had guests from out of town that wanted to plan a day trip while I was at work. I sent them the link to the podcast and my work was done!

Threshold Studio's sound master Richard Ross doing his magic.
Threshold Studio’s sound master Richard Ross doing his magic.

In every bimonthly podcast, Milly and DJ Bethy Beth have something new to share, plus they always make me laugh. And, since they now record at Threshold Studios in Sebastopol, the sound quality, editing and music have all gone from okay to superb! Thanks to Richard Ross of Threshold Studios for making it even easier to listen to these whacky, witty, and wise women.

Happy Sipping!

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