Need Wine Photos For Journalist

Beth Costa on Apr 13, 2023

Hello to all of our Wine Road Wineries…


Writer Alison Bailin is  doing a story on great roses for a handful of outlets. Some will be online (those are for Cali ONLY wines) and some will be for print (those can be from anywhere in world). For this admissions, please note she will do a handful of bottle shots and lifestyle shots with these submissions. Be sure to submit one or both of these type of photos if you have them. 😊


She is looking to feature about 20-30 between the two stories. It must be a rose or sparkling rose by varietal. Send at will to Due Saturday, April 15th.


And yes, if you want to send a sample, there is a small window from Thursday to Saturday of this week and then again later in the month (approx. April 18-23) that the weather will be cool enough. Address is 4343 N. 21st. Street #255 Phoenix, AZ 85016. Not mandatory, but always helpful as she shares them with the various editors to keep them loving all things wine in content.


Let me make it SUPER EASY.


Submit it like this…


Subject Line: Rose All Day

Body of Email: see below


Exact Bottle Name with Brand Name in Bold

75 words on what it smells, looks, and tastes like. Be specific. Is it stone fruit or a peach? Is it sour or black cherry? What style of wine is it made in? New or Old World? Have some fun. I will work from these for the wines I have not tasted – I trust you. Essentially tasting notes but in more written form.

$Cost (the suggested retail or cost on web as of today)




How might it look in print? Like this:


How might it look online? Like this:



ONEHOPE Vintner Collection California Pinot Grigio

A light, dry, refreshing offering, expect a brightness in every sip with hints of juicy peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots to the nose and sip. The clean finish with a touch of minerality is perfection here.  $25


Clif Family 2022 Rosé Of Grenache

Made from 100% Mendocino County Grenache and aged 100% in stainless steel, this is a crowd pleaser in every sense of the word. Visually stunning, its bouquet is just as lovely. And the flavor notes? A perfect combination of watermelon, strawberry, and peach with just enough acid for balance. $30




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