New Pages on Website – Sparkling, Rhone, Italian, Unique…

Beth Costa on Mar 16, 2022

Hello to all of our Wine Road wineries –

We have added a couple of new pages to our website:

Esprit du Rhone
Italians – still working on this page

If you are not on these lists and you should be…please update your winery page on the website and check off all of the varietals you currently have in inventory. We pulled the list from that “search”.

We would also like to add…unique

Which will include:
– Boxed wine
– Wine in a can
– Orange wine (I think only about 7-8 of you do this)

If you have something else that is really unique – let me know the details.
If we do not have enough of these “unique” listing we will not do a page, but it will still be useful information for us to have – for journalists.


Posted by Beth Costa