Trained for Saving Lives

Beth Costa on Sep 21, 2022

Hello to all of our winery members –

MANY of you have already connected with Ron Rubin, completed the Red Cross training AND received your ZOLL Defibrillator.
If you are not one of those wineries – this is the scoop:
Ron Rubin, from Ron Robin Winery is on a mission to get a ZOLL defibrillator in every winery in Sonoma County, and he will cover the cost of the equipment ($1699 per winery).
This is what you need to do:
1. Call or email Ron  314-726-9630 or
2. The Red Cross will then contact you and arrange your training, some online, some in-person ($75 per person).
That’s it – when training is complete your ZOLL Defibrillator will be delivered.
Trained for Saving Lives ~ A bit about the program:
Ron Rubin, proprietor and vintner, Ron Rubin Brands

When Ron Rubin collapsed while training for what would have been his eighth marathon, it was an electric shock at the emergency room that saved him. Since then, he says an implanted cardiac defibrillator has saved his life at least four times. He is now the force behind Trained for Saving Lives, an organization with a mission to give 450 California wineries Automated External Defibrillators as well as train staff to use the devices to help save lives in the event of an emergency.

Ron believes that part of being sustainable is being able to take care of your employees and guests in the case of a cardiac emergency.
At this point, 300 wineries have gone through the training and have their ZOLL Defibrillator, 63 of those wineries are Wine Road members. That leaves about 100 members still able to sign up and take part in this amazing program.
Contact Ron Rubin: 314-726-9630 or

<Trained For Saving Lives Press Release.pdf>

Posted by Beth Costa