Webinar – Leveraging Your Digital Brand NOW

Beth Costa on Apr 24, 2020

Hello to all of our Wine Road winery members –

I know from looking at my Fitbit, it is in fact Friday night, but I have an invitation I want to send along, so I’m hitting the send before I forget!  I don’t know about you, but I have found I get sidetracked working at home, so it’s best for me to do things as I think of them.
This invitation is from Martin Cody, President and Co-Founder of Cellar Angels and Scott Eddy  a brand ambassador / influencer, who we actually just hosted along the Wine Road back in February.  Scott works with luxury travel, lodging, social media and has numerous wineries among his clients.
Martin and Scott will be hosting a webinar with ideas and advice for wineries which you can and should be doing during this time. 
Attached is the webinar invitation. 
– This event is being held next Thursday April 30th, 1:00pm Pacific Time
– It’s FREE, and will have quite a few action items.
– Click the link in the invitation to register.
– Once you register you will be all set.
– You will also receive a reminder email one hour prior to the event.

Posted by Beth Costa