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Beth Costa on Mar 8, 2024

Hello to all of our winery members,

Don’t forget to sign-up for the Spring Wine Trail, May 11th.
This is a super small event.
No need to “staff up” or serve food, close your regular tasting reservations etc –
We expect to sell 200 tickets, so you may see 2, or 10, or 20 people, but you will not be overrun.
This will be our 4th “Wine Trail” and most of the wineries participating have done all of them.
There is no cost to participate, but you may have NEW people visiting your winery, you may see people you would not have seen.
There is really no reason not to participate.
For format is that you need to accept these ticket buyers as “walk-in” tasters, and you need to serve 2-3 wines.
The wines you are serving will be listed online, so customers know what to expect.
I have attached the PDF program from the Wine Love Wine Trail we hosted in February, because several wineries did go above and beyond the 2-3 wines. That is totally UP TO YOU.
I want you to see the possibilities 🙂
We need these ticket sales to boost our bottom line – so we can pay for additional marketing initiatives.
You need these ticket sales to get more people in your door.
If we have more participation, we will sell more tickets.  Win / Win
So – this is the link to sign-up:
The deadline is March 22
Tickets launch April 4th – we sell tickets right up until 1:00pm on the day of the event.
I hope you jump on board!

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