Wine Road Podcast Episode 175

Liana on May 18, 2023

From left to right: Marcy, Rebecca and Beth

On Episode 175 of the Wine Road Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Rebecca Germolus, a wine marketing maven and prolific writer who has been an integral part of Wine Road since its foundation. Rebecca is known for the depth of her research and her outstanding ability to present captivating narratives in her writings on the Wine Road blog. Her passion lies in sharing intricate details about the wine industry and assisting wineries in bringing their stories to life. Beyond her work with Wine Road, Rebecca also works with winery clients, helping refine their websites, tasting notes, and other marketing materials. Overall, she underscores the importance of connecting with the individual stories behind each bottle of wine, as this gives consumers a more enriching and personal experience.

Coupling her background in library and information science with her love for wine, Rebecca brings a unique perspective to the industry. Her knack for distilling complex information and crafting engaging narratives makes her services highly appealing to wineries and restaurants. Rebecca’s dedication to educating consumers about wines and helping wineries tell compelling stories is evident in her work. Whether it’s through her insightful contributions to the Wine Road blog or her consulting projects, Rebecca continues to inspire and educate wine lovers, thereby making a significant impact in the wine industry.

Podcast Sponsored by: River Road Family Vineyards and Winery

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