Wine Road Podcast Episode 189

Liana on Nov 30, 2023

From left to right: Gold Ridge Logo, Next panel Marcy, Brooke and Beth

Brooke Hazen, owner and farmer at Gold Ridge Organic Farms in Sebastopol, joined us in the studio for episode 189. Brooke explores the rich agricultural offerings of Sonoma County, focusing on the farm’s bountiful apple and olive crops. Learn about the journey that led Brooke to establish his farm and open it to the public, offering immersive experiences like apple and olive picking. Delve into the unique characteristics of heirloom apples, especially the coveted Honeycrisp, and the health benefits of olive oil.

The episode shines a spotlight on the eagerly awaited Heirloom Apple Celebration at Gold Ridge, providing visitors a chance to savour an array of apple delicacies and delicious wood-fired pizza. Understand the pivotal role of climate in determining the quality of apples and olives, and discover how the coastal cool climate of Sebastopol enhances the robustness and vibrancy of their produce. The dialogue concludes with an overview of Gold Ridge’s diverse product range, including apple cider syrup, shrubs, vinegars, and olive oil, coupled with an enticing invitation for visitors to tour the farm and purchase their favorite products.

Podcast Sponsored by: River Road Family Vineyards and Winery

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