Author Natalie MacLean with her Book Wine Witch on Fire
Podcast Wine Road Podcast Episode 176

Welcome to Episode 176, a riveting episode where we bring on board renowned wine writer, Natalie MacLean. Dive into the enriching conversation reflecting on her latest book, “Wine Witch on Fire”, a narrative artfully portraying her journey through the tumultuous trials of divorce, defamation, and confronting her over-consumption of alcohol. This episode is not only […]

Liana / Jun 1, 2023
Chardonnay bottles in a row on a table with Paradise Ridge,Jigar, Dutton Estate, Sbragia and Gary Farrell
Varietal of the Month Chardonnay: Varietal of the Month

Chardonnay is planted widely around the world.  It’s sometimes called the chameleon grape given its propensity to display characteristics that reflect the particular climate and region where it’s grown. It can be coy or bold in personality and run the gamut stylistically from rich and creamy to lean and lithe. Hone your palate by tasting a […]

Marcy Gordon / Jul 25, 2022
bottles with trees in background
Varietal of the Month Gewürztraminer: Varietal of the Month

Are you stuck in a white wine rut? Do you stick to the tried and true Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, with perhaps a Riesling here and there? If so, it’s time to expand your white wine horizons and Gewürztraminer is a delicious place to start. Gewürztraminer is a medium body, dry white wine […]

Marcy Gordon / Sep 3, 2019