Wine Road Elections – we need YOU!

Beth Costa on Jan 31, 2024

Hello to all of our Wine Road members: Wineries & Lodgings,

We are about to have our Wine Road Board elections and we’d love to have some names added to our ballot.
If you are an owner or GM, and would like to help the Wine Road grow as a leader in wine tourism, you could run for a position on our Board of Directors.
We meet once a month for approx. an hour.
There is no “take home work”. The Board arrives at the meeting with an agenda, they share ideas, brainstorm ways to help our members and then the staff works to implant those ideas.
You can help steer this ship!
New ideas are welcome and necessary.
The industry is changing, we need to determine what makes Wine Road valuable to our membership.
What can Wine Road do more of, what can we do better, what changes need to be made?
This is what the Board of Directors needs to work through.
If you are interested in running for a seat on the Board, I have attached the application, which will provide the necessary information for the ballot.
We need to have your applications back by Feb. 15th.
Ballots will be emailed on Feb 20th.
Elections will close on March 1st.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
WR Board Application doc

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