Wine Tasting Glasses — do they really make a difference?

Rebecca Germolus on Sep 29, 2015

Ever fallen in love with a wine in a tasting room, purchased it, then opened it to find it didn’t taste like you remember it?

There could be several reasons why this happens, but one reason that is often overlooked is the wine glass you are using affects what you smell and taste.

Wine being poured into a glass

I’ve been lucky enough to attend a couple of seminars on how wine glasses affect what we smell and taste in wine, and recommend going to one if you can. But, you can also do your own wine glass experiment at home.

Pour the same wine into a few different glasses and experience how the smell and taste vary from glass to glass. Because I write tasting notes for wineries, I’ve collected a number of glasses that I use for different types of wines. I have a different glass for each of the major wine varietals. You don’t have to do that, but it might be worthwhile to invest in a set of wine glasses that enhance rather than detract from the aromas and flavours in wine.

Various sizes of glasses filled with wine

Several of the major wine glass manufacturers make an all-purpose glass that works well for both crispy whites and robust reds. Check out some online reviews and maybe buy a glass or two to figure out what size, style and shape best suits your palate. You’ll find it is worth the investment if it makes a wine taste as good as you remember.

Happy sipping!

Woman sipping white wine

Posted by Rebecca Germolus

Rebecca Germolus, co-owner of Maximum Value Marketing, loves Sonoma County and playing along the Wine Road. Rebecca daily immerses herself in wine country by providing cost-effective marketing and writing solutions to wineries and restaurants.

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