GC Lurton Vineyard Tasting Room

Gonzague and Claire Lurton have managed independently their own properties during 20 years in Bordeaux. They decided to have a joint challenge “elsewhere” that is to say outside Bordeaux. They found their gem in the heart of Chalk Hill and named it Trinite Estate.

This beautiful vineyard made of hills, is located 750 feet above sea level. The soil is loamy and clayey and it recovers a subsoil of rocks of volcanic origin. The main grape varieties of Bordeaux are the cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot. In this place, the three grapes find the best conditions for an optimal ripening. Thus the wines have a pure fruit, elegant tannins and an amazing freshness.

Everything is done to guarantee the natural balance of the plant and the wine. The organic farming, the natural balance of the sugar and the acidity give to the wine a faithful reflection of the splendid land of Sonoma County. The name of the wine ACAIBO (meaning three fish in the Pomo language, a local Native American tribe) already competes with the greatest California wines but with a sophistication touch of the Bordeaux style.


Visit our new tasting room and enjoy a selection of wines showcasing the unique style of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, noting how each wine reflects its terroir from Sonoma County. Few winemakers have the ability to offer you this privilege. We are delighted to offer a variety of tasting to explore the wines from Sonoma County.


We host a unique private vineyard tour in our charming property in Chalk Hill, our estate is nestled on the hillside of Chalk Hill Mountain.

Join us for an intimate walking tour where you will discover the history of the land, learn about the vineyard and follows the path of our grapes from vine to bottle.This is an unforgettable and unique experience ending by a tasting of our Sonoma wines and Grand Crus Classes from Bordeaux in our old barn, unique in Sonoma.

There is much more to Acaibo than the average visitor will see. That is why we created the most intimate and in-depth way to explore our estate, the Vines  to Glass experience. This organic, farming-focused tasting starts by bringing guests to the vineyard where we discuss farming and introduce to our philosophy.

The tour continues to the winery for a barrel tasting. Then, we’ll sit down together in our old barn for a focused tasting of our best wines from Sonoma and Bordeaux side by side, unique in Sonoma, with delicious cheese board and charcuterie and home made bread. This experience will show you how passionate farming methods translate to the finished bottle on your table.

Share a tasting experience where you will discover the history of Acaibo, the terroir. Learn about the vineyard, the family who has been in a wine for over four generation in Bordeaux and started a new adventure in Sonoma.

Enjoy a carefully selection of wines showcasing the unique style of cabernet sauvignon , Cabernet Franc and Merlot and note how each wine reflect his terroir from 6000 miles apart from an another. Few winemaker have the ability to offer you this privilege.


$65/person . Please allow 2 hours for this experience. By appointments only.

Contact: pascal@acaibo.com, or 707.791.0943




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