The List for Dog Visitors Along the Wine Road

Beth Costa on Jun 6, 2018

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ACORN: is dog friendly…we have two dog dishes, and love to have dogs visit, with their humans. Dog Trekker has listed us a Dog Friendly, for years.
In the summer, dogs seem to love cooling off on the concrete floor, in the tasting room, and the patio always has shade. We allow folks to let their dogs “run free” in the vineyard, but advise them the dogs may run off after rabbits, squirrels etc.

Amista Winery, Healdsburg: loves dogs so much they not only have dog-themed art hanging in their tasting room and let their staff bring their dogs to work with them, they also host an annual fundraiser to support dog assistance nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence. After taking a self-guided vineyard tour of the property, with your dog, taste Amista’s sparkling and still wines on the patio or in the tasting room with your pup. Human tastings start at $15.

Balletto Vineyards: We are dog friendly 😊 We provide treats and we have some “Regular” dog visitors! Treats, water bowls … we even do a dog walk every dog day each year in the vineyards. This year, it will be on Sunday August 26th!

Blanchard Family Wines: We are dog friendly and regular sponsors of the local humane society.

Cast Wines: We are dog friendly, with treats and water bowls. Our outside terrace is perfect spot to have a relaxing tasting with dog at ones side.  Area is shaded with umbrellas. We also have picnic area that is dog friendly by our vineyard, ideal for having lunch with a bottle of wine.   

D’Argenzio Winery: Yes, we are dog friendly. We offer water and a shady patio for resting.

DeLoach Vineyards: We are dog friendly!  We have water bowls, (usually) treats and beautiful grounds to explore. All dogs must be on leash and are welcome at the property for outside experiences. Due to limited indoor seating and the desire to create the best possible experience for all of our guests we do not allow our four legged friends inside.

deLorimier: is very dog friendly, we provide a water bowl and our lawn is a great place to play fetch. Victoria Wilson’s dog, Ben, was just featured in the Wine Dogs book under the deLo brand.

Dry Creek Vineyard: We love to have furry friends on our outside picnic grounds. We provide our guests with a Dry Creek Vineyard doggie bag with a portable water bowl, dog treat and potty bag. We also have picnic tables for guests to bring their own picnic, or they can reserve a private wine flight with a picnic lunch in advance.

Dutcher Crossing Winery, Healdsburg: On any given day, Dutcher Crossing Winery owner Debra Mathy and her winery dog, Dutchess, greet guests upon arrival – including the furry kind. Dogs are welcome in the tasting room, where they can try on winery-branded dog collars for purchase while their owners taste estate zinfandel and other small-production wines. The back patio and lawn offer a grassy, sunny spot to nibble on cheese and charcuterie, and play catch, while overlooking Dry Creek Valley. Human tastings start at $15.

Dutton-Goldfield: is ALL about dogs and Canine Companions. Theresa Dutton, one of our partners, is on the board of CCI and is the caregiver for a male breeder. Dogs are greeted with tons of affection and treats here. We have bowls on the patio for them and we also invite them into our tasting room. We do fundraisers for Canine Companions annually.

Dutton Estate Winery: we are a dog friendly winery and we have dog treats for them.  Dogs must be kid friendly and dog friendly.  Dogs must be on their leash and with their person.

Fog Crest Vineyard: is very dog friendly.  We always have a water bowl out as well as dog treats.

Forchini Winery: We have always been doggie friendly.

Friedeman Wines: is absolutely dog friendly! To add, the Barlow, where our tasting room is located, is also extremely dog friendly. We always have water dishes out and full treat jars.

Foppiano: is dog friendly.  We always have treats, water, shade, professional employee dog ‘petters’ 😉.

Furthermore Wines: Yes, dog friendly. Have water bowls + plenty of shaded area.

Gustafson: is a dog friendly winery, at both of our tasting rooms.
Our Estate tasting room in Geyserville is dog friendly and we even have one or two winery dogs of our own there, depending on what day you visit. We definitely provide water and lots of places for pups to lay in the shade or to bathe in the sunlight! There is also plenty of land for the dogs to explore! Guests are always welcome to bring their dogs as long as they get along with other dogs, as they will have the opportunity to play with either Rampage or Reyla (our winery dogs) at the Estate!
The Healdsburg tasting room is also dog friendly and we provide a water bowl and treats for dogs when they visit. Although there is not much outside space to enjoy, we do allow guests to bring their pups into our airconditioned tasting room any day as long as they are on a leash and stay with their owners.

HANNA Winery: We allow dogs on the veranda and picnic areas, and on leash for walks around the vineyards.

Hartford Family Wines: We are dog friendly here at Hartford Family Winery on our outdoor patio and pergola.  We also provide water bowls for our furry friends.

Hawley Tasting Room: is dog friendly! We always offer fresh water and pup treats for our pawed-patrons! Currently we are selling bags of spent-grain dog treats by Fogbelt Brewing Company (our brother company.) There is outdoor seating for super busy days so no one is tripping on leashes inside the tasting room.

J. Rickards: We are dog friendly.  We keep a water bowl out front for dogs in the summer and make an annual donation to Paws of Love.

Locals Tasting Room: We are certainly a dog-friendly tasting room. There is always water outside and we have treats behind the bar to share.

Lambert Bridge Winery, Healdsburg: Staff at Lambert Bridge proudly declare that the winery is “100% dog friendly!” While dog-owners peruse the winery’s Bordeaux-style wine offerings at the redwood bar, dogs can settle into a dog bed and relax with a bowl of water. After a tasting, grab a bottle and some glasses and wander with your leashed pup through the estate gardens, where poop bags are plentiful and picnic areas dot the landscape. Human tastings start at $30.

Limerick Lane: Yes we’re Dog friendly,

Longboard Vineyards: Yes, we are dog friendly.  We offer outdoor seating for wine tasting or wine by the glass with your furry loved one.  In the tasting room, we offer water bowls, and a cool refreshing tile floors that dogs seem to appreciate in the summer months.

Martorana Family Winery: We ARE a dog friendly winery! Water bowl in the tasting room for dogs to use and the staff has a secret stash of gourmet Costeaux dog treats for good boys and girls. Currently we do not have a resident winery dog but we have multiple dogs of our neighbors that come by for treats and pets during the day. Martorana has acres of vineyards for the dogs to run in, and access to the creek for dogs to splash in and cool off on hot days so we have become quite the destination for wine aficionados and dog lovers alike!

Matrix Winery: is VERY dog friendly, they are even allowed in the tasting room. We offer a water bowl as well as dog treats for them. There is shade on the patio for when it’s warm out, as well as a patch of grass.

Medlock Ames: is dog friendly at our Tasting Room off Alexander Valley Road (NOT at our Bell Mountain Ranch vineyard property on Chalk Hill). We provide water bowls for the cute pups!

The Meeker Vineyard: has a dog friendly tasting room in Geyserville.  Water, yes. No special treats other than a warm welcome from our own dogs on site.

Merriam Vineyards: We are dog friendly. We have a water bowl and treats. On the patio when it’s hot, we have the umbrellas to shade the owners and the doggies.

Mutt Lynch Winery, Windsor: Winemaker Brenda Lynch and her husband Chris founded their winery as a tribute to [wo]man’s best friend, and Mutt Lynch Winery is just that: “all things dog.” Their downtown Windsor tasting room allows dogs to run free and play while their owners sip through cabernet, zinfandel and chardonnay – all with dog-themed wine labels. Their tasting room features plenty of water, treats and toys, and possible playmates, as staff members often bring their own pups to work. Human tastings are free.

Papapietro Perry:  We love dogs!  We have an adorable Cockapoo named Nola that greets people as they come in.  Dogs are welcome in our tasting room and in addition to water (of course) we have treats for them.  We also have a lovely shaded patio for them to relax with their owners.

Paul Mathew: Yes, we are dog friendly. Water bowl, treats, tasting room is located close to the walking trail. We have a backyard tasting area where you can picnic with your dog. But, the dogs have to be friendly. We had 9 dogs one day all at the same time.

Peterson Winery: is dog friendly.  We often have toys laying around the tasting room, and a full bowl of water.  Up at Timber Crest Farms, there are a handful of resident dogs, and they are often seen playing together on the property.

Portalupi Wine, Healdsburg: It’s not just Italian wine varietals that rule at Portalupi Wine, dogs do, too. Their downtown tasting room is a convenient stop along a dog walk. Sip barbera paired with charcuterie while your dog people watches through the large, open picture window from big purple lounge chairs. Human tastings start at $5.

Ramazzotti Wines: We are very dog friendly!  Although Ramazzotti Wines does not have a dog, “Freddie Mercury” at Mercury visits all visitors.  He meanders back and forth, and loves other dogs, kids and adults alike.   

Ridge Vineyards/Lytton Springs: WE ARE DOG FRIENDLY:)

Sanglier Cellars: is Dog Friendly. We provide water and treats for the little guys.

Sbragia Family Winery, Healdsburg: There isn’t anywhere at the Sbragia Family Winery where dogs can’t go. Dogs are welcome in the tasting room, on the patio – even in the vineyards. The patio terrace, which overlooks the family’s estate vineyards and the surrounding hills of Dry Creek Valley, makes for a great dog chill-out spot as the staff caters to humans with sauvignon blanc and zinfandel, and dogs with water bowls and treats. Human tastings start at $20.

Seghesio: is dog friendly in our entire outdoor Grove.  Lots of shade, and we provide a dog bowl of water.

Selby: is dog friendly. We have treats and a water bowl.

Spicy Vines: IS VERY DOG FRIENDLY. 🙂 Many of our customers bring their pups. We provide water for them, a patio and they are allowed inside the tasting room as well.

Stonestreet Winery: When the weather is nice, we are dog-friendly out on our patio.  We have a water bowl for our furry guests and the umbrella’s at the tables offer shade while most dogs love being able to lay on the grass.

Stuhlmuller Vineyards: is absolutely dog friendly.  Our tasting room features multiple dog bowls to accommodate estate spring water tastings for our four legged friends.  We also keep dog treats behind the bar for anyone that brings their furry faced companions to enjoy.

Trione: is dog friendly! We have winery dogs and also welcome other dogs. We have a water bowl and treats as well as a huge grass area for dogs to run around and chill out too. Our Aussie Shepard is good at herding them and making sure they get worn out while he parents taste 😉

West Wines: We are very dog friendly at West, customers are welcome to take their dog for a walk in the vineyards as well as picnic and taste with them. We have water bowls and always keep a stash of treats for our four legged friends.

Wilson of Dry Creek, Healdsburg: Diane Wilson is know for her love of Dogs and rescue – she makes a dog themed wine, 3 Dog Zin, which features the family’s three dogs, Molly, Newton and Ben. The staff at Wilson of Dry Creek welcomes dogs by, offering pups treats and water, while guests sip and savor zinfandel in the tasting room or on the patio. Tastings start at $20.

Woodenhead Wines: We are definitely a dog friendly winery (well behaved pooches of course) and have water bowls on the deck, as well as umbrellas for shade and doggie treats too.

black paw prints against a white background



Best Western, Dry Creek Inn: is Pet Friendly. We advertise this in most publications and on our web site.
We provide a “goodie bag” for pets at the time of check in.
Our pet fees are:

  • $30 per night in the Casa building
  • $50 per night in the Villa building (limited number of rooms)
  • No pet deposit required
  • No charge for an approved ADA service animal.

There is a pet relief area. Pet must be housebroken. No more than two pets allowed in the room. Pets may not be left unattended.  Owner is responsible for any damage incurred.

Calderwood Inn: Pet Policy: Only one dog under 50 lbs. permitted in the inn at any one time and must stay in either the Greenwood Ridge, Pezzi King, Mosaic or the St. Anne’s Suite. Please inquire ahead of booking your stay. $50.00 fee applies. Owners responsible for any damages and may be subject to additional charges as a result of any action which may require deep cleaning or repair. The pet must be kept on a leash at all times, while on the grounds, and may never be left unattended. If your pet is not well behaved or disturbs other guests by barking, the inn does hold the right to ask the owners to kennel their dogs or leave. No refunds will be offered. Service animals permitted. 

Camellia Inn: We have 4 rooms that are pet friendly
I have recently coined the phrase pet tolerant (we don’t do a lot of stuff for the dogs)  🙂

Creekside Inn & Resort: in Guerneville and have been dog friendly in 7 of our 22 cottages.  We do not have a charge for the dog unless there is damage done.  I have included the pet guidelines for your information. We welcome your pet to share your stay with us. For your comfort and that of your pet and other guests, we ask that you consider these guidelines:
· Pets are never allowed in the pool or spa yard per Health Department regulations.
· We will be happy to provide a sheet for your pet’s sleeping area and to cover any furniture he or she may climb up on. This will help keep carpets and covers clean and reduce pet-related allergies.
· Please take your pet with you when you go out. Pets left alone in strange surroundings often become nervous and unhappy and may cause damage. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pet.
· Please keep your pet on a leash when walking him or her, and please clean up droppings. It is good to bring small plastic bags for this purpose or take some from our dispensers. There are black garbage cans for this purpose 

Fern Grove is pet-friendly: We have two elderly golden retrievers (Yoshi and Carmelo) who live on the property.
Pets are not allowed in all cottages, so folks have to call when they want to make a reservation for their pet.  We do have 6 pet-friendly cottages.
Goodie bag for the pets are available containing: a ball, a bandana, a treat, poop bags, and a brochure listing pet-friendly beaches, wineries, restaurants, and parks.

Grape Leaf Inn: Pet Policy: Only one dog under 50 lbs. permitted in the inn at any one time. Please inquire ahead of booking your stay. $50.00 fee applies. Owners responsible for any damages and may be subject to additional charges as a result of any action which may require deep cleaning or repair. The pet must be kept on a leash at all times, while on the grounds, and may never be left unattended. If your pet is not well behaved or disturbs other guests by barking, the inn does hold the right to ask the owners to kennel their dogs or leave. No refunds will be offered. Service animals permitted.

Highlands Resort: We are very pet friendly and out of our 15 guest rooms we allow pets in 3 of our individual cabins (1/5). We do not allow pets in our seasonal campground.
Upon check-in they are provided with our Pet Kit – A big basket that includes:

  • A place mat and 2 dining bowls
  • Microfiber towel for drying off after a walk in the rain
  • Lint brush to keep their humans ‘fur free’
  • Two sheets to protect bedding and furniture
  • Doggy treats
  • Dog bags for picking up after themselves
  • A copy of our Pet policy
  • A list of 20 pet friendly restaurants in our area and around Sonoma County
  • A list of pet friendly activities including information on doggy day care, dog parks and great places to go for a walk.

We currently charge $25 per stay (not per night or per pet) and restrict pets to 3 per cabin. There is no restriction on breed or size. We require pets be well socialized, leached at all times and quiet. Extremely well behaved pets may be left unattended in the cabin. We don’t allow pets in our pool area or at breakfast. Other than those restrictions, pets are allowed to accompany their humans anywhere on the property.

We have Olive, who is our resort doggy. She’s a Miniature Schnauzer and loves visiting with our guests. She also loves to try to convince them to give her their breakfast, but that’s a different story.

Hotel Healdsburg and h2hotel: We are definitely dog-friendly at both. We provide a doggie bed and water bowl upon arrival and sometimes extra goodies!  Details on the policy for both properties can be found here:

The Inn at Occidental: is dog friendly. 😊 We do charge a $40/night (plus lodging tax) and provide a set of bowls for food and water, a towel, disposable bags, and treats. There are 4 pet-friendly rooms and the Sonoma Cottage is also pet friendly.
(as of yet) No imposed size restrictions and have permitted up to 3 dogs in the room with their “parents”. We do offer old sheets to put on the bed if small dogs sleep on the bed although we do not encourage that. We inform the guests in their confirmation of the restrictions; i.e., leaving pets unattended in the room, must be on leash while on property. We have a patio adjacent to the dining room so that the guests can dine outside with their dogs.

Rio Villa Beach Resort: has five pet friendly rooms.  Pet bowls available and dog blankets that owners can use with pets that like to sit with them on the sofas.
We allow 2 pets per room, $25 flat fee per pet, pets must be on a tick and flea medication, must know about poison oak/ivy, may not be left alone in the room, and must be on leash while walking around the property.
We have a river beach that is very safe for dogs and people and we’re only 500 ft away from Monte Rio Public Beach which is also dog friendly.  To get to the public beach guests can walk from our property through a public meadow right onto the beach.  Very safe and great for playing fetch with your doggy companion.

The Sandman Motel: We have several rooms on property that are pet-friendly, and we would love to have your pet with you at the Sandman; our fee for pups is a one-time charge of $25.00 with no charge for service animals; a weight restriction of 50 pounds for one pup (or the combined weight of more than one), although – truth be told – we don’t weigh the pets at check in!  Be sure to pick up a copy of our pet-friendly activity guide at check-in, written with dogs in mind, although we don’t accept any other types of pets without prior approval from hotel management.

Pets are not allowed to be left unattended in occupied guest rooms, and far as pet sitting (just in case) is concerned, I always defer to the guest to make the choice for pet, child and elder care services, based on my suggestions; as a Concierge, I customarily pick up the phone and make magic happen; however, when it comes to loved ones, I believe it best that my guest and service provider speak to one another to see if a proper match exists.  That said, Affinity Pet Services ( is a wonderful pet sitting company here in town (licensed, bonded, etc.), and a member of their pet services team should be delighted to engage and/or watch over your pet while he or she eats, plays and dreams!

If you wish to keep your pet close-by – but not necessarily in your guest room – consider the folks at Paradise Pet Resort ( who do a fabulous job of boarding pets – and they’re located a short 5-minute drive from the Sandman so you and your pet can bond while you’re here!  Four Paws Pet Ranch(, is also close to the hotel, and this business CONSISTENTLY wins awards of all kinds for its service and facility.

I do hope that you find this information helpful to you as you prepare for your trip to the Sandman! It’s my pleasure to be at your service!

Pamper your Pouch package.  Here is the link:  Here is the description of the package. The pet fee is normally a $25 fee for the length of the stay. WOOF and Warmest regards, Chris -Sandman Concierge

Sonoma Orchid Inn: We’re pet friendly in 4 out of our 9 rooms. $30/pet/night.

West Sonoma Inn & Spa: We are dog friendly up to 25 pounds but only in certain rooms and only if they book directly with us. There is a $25 dollar fee per dog per night and they need to bring their own supplies etc.

CA Health Code information about dogs in food facilities, which a winery is considered a “food facility”.

Page 73 Section 114259.5 Section b:

If kept at least 20 feet (6 meters) away from any mobile food facility, temporary food facility, or certified farmers' market.
(c) Those persons and operat ors described in paragraphs (3) and (4) of subdivision (b) are liable for
any damage done to the premises or facilities by the dog. (d) Pet dogs under the control of a person in an outdoor dining area if all of the following conditions
are satisfied: (1) The owner of the food facility elects to allow pet dogs in its outdoor dining area. California Retail Food Code Effective January 1, 2018

74 (2) A separate outdoor entrance is present where pet dogs enter without going through the food establishment to reach the outdoor dining area and pet dogs are not allowed on chairs, benches, seats, or other fixtures. (3) The outdoor dining area is not used for food or drink preparation or the storage of utensils.
A food employee may refill a beverage glass in the outdoor dining area from a pitcher or other container. (4) Food and water provided to pet dogs shall only be in single-use disposable containers. (5) Food employees are prohibited from having direct contact with pet dogs while on duty.


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