Board of Directors Meeting – Dec. 2018

Beth Costa on Jan 25, 2019


Wine Road Board of Directors

Dec. 13, 2018 – 11:00-1:00


Meeting followed by lunch




11:00 Call to order

Attendees: John Viszlay, Stacy Rafanelli, Joe Foppoli, Lillian Nichelsen, Chris Lynch, Oded Shakked, Julia Lander, Jenny Lamarre, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa.

Absentees: Carla Jeffries, Devin Ruddick, Thomas Schwarting, Stephanie Wycoff


-October 2018 minutes approved by Jenny Lamarre, seconded by Julia Lander.


11:02  Treasurer’s Report

Checking: $86,920.10

Savings: $2XX,XXX.xx

     Savings Transfer – advertising- Transferred $20K from savings to checking to cover BT advertising (1st time needed since adv budget is higher than typical budget)


11:05 Lodging Rep needed

  • Board approved Danny Christianson to join as the newest board member, filling the open Lodging position. He owns the Geyserville Inn.


11:10 Website: Currently revising existing text, and creating the itineraries per AVA, and itineraries for “Exceptional Experiences”.

-Beth to reach out to members to see if they have exceptional experiences to offer (typically range from $50 to $150/head).

-Beth to ask members who offers tastings/events for large groups (i.e., bocce, wine & cheese for 30+ attendees at x$$ per head).

-Website Task Force: needs to review titles and words.


11:15 Events

            WFA -2018 WFA generated more revenue than prior years, but # of participating wineries has declined. Consumer feedback has been that some dishes are uninspired (i.e. Focaccia, soup, etc.) Task Force established to elevate our 2019 event. Some possibilities include a chef demonstration/s, on Fri and/or Sat night, and designated foodie/chef (someone other than Beth) to approve recipes that are served. Consider establishing guidelines for wineries and/or pre-approved dishes and/or pairings.

Task Force: Lillian, Chris, Joe, John, & Beth. Beth will put out message to all members inviting them to join the Task Force meeting: Jan. 9th, 9:30am-10:30am.


WINEland: 1600 tickets sold ytd, goal of 2000 by year-end. Less than 100 wineries participating.   5910 tickets sold in 2018.

BT: 250 tickets sold ytd.


11:25  Surveys

  • Honore Comfort is analyzing survey data with the goal of condensing it. Beth to share data with membership during 1st week in Jan. She will likely present data at a membership meeting, then will send data via email.


11:30 Corporate Sales & Assoc. Memberships

            Review list of contacts – Very little interest in either program with the exception of Medtronics who has purchased bulk tickets in the past.


11:40  Marketing & Public Relations

            Geo-Fencing – Met with Press Democrat and will try a 3 month test at $2200/month starting in January. WR to target consumers who are in the airport, sitting at the gate of flights headed directly to Sonoma County (i.e., LA, Orange County, Denver, etc.)


            Review pending advertising

Priority Wine Pass, WR will offer a package to PWP members (not a straight discount). The offer will be sent to Beverages & More customers list (in the millions!)


Social numbers

-Beth to determine how best to track Podcast.

-Beth to determine key metrics to report for social media (i.e., what data should we be looking at?) Hoping to get feedback from a social media marketing manager at a larger winery (i.e., F.F. Coppola, Kendal Jackson, etc.), and/or get a referral to someone who specializes in social media data. Beth to use key metrics to measure social before & after our three major events.


– Julia to forward an article to the board from The Economist re: Social Media & Millennials.


11:50 Old Business– WR participating in Rancho Mirage. Beth will coordinate a seminar.


12:00 New Business– Beth to explore participating in VinDiego only if there is a strong PR component. She’ll make the one-day event available to all members.


  • Meeting adjourned by Joe Foppoli, seconded by John Viszlay


12:10 LUNCH



Future Meeting Dates;

Executive Board, January 9, 9:00am Wine Road Office

Full Board, February 13, 9:00 –location TBD   Winegrowers of DC as guest

Executive Board, March 13, 9:00am Wine Road Office

Full Board RETREAT – April 10 & 11– location TBD


Please note, meeting dates have been changed to the 2nd WEDNESDAY of the month.


Posted by Beth Costa