Executive Board Meeting – Feb. 2015

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2015 – 9:30 – 10:45

Wine Road Office

In Attendance:  Renae, Robin, Ross, Sue, Beth, Stacy


9:15  Meeting Called to Order  by Renae


9:18  Treasurer’s Report

  • Year end reporting to accountant
    • Savings Account = $170,218.81 (as of 1/1/15)
    • Checking Account = $24, 798.61 (as of 1/1/15)
  • Overall review of 2014 budget
    • Spent more in 2014 than originally planned, focused more on quality marketing giving more exposure
    • Took out approximately $50k from savings – will be replenished by Winter WINEland ticket sales

9:28  New Maps

  • 25,ooo maps are going to print.  A new cover will be presented at next print job.


9:30  Events

  • Winter WINEland
    • Still missing money from a few wineries
    • Total ticket sales = 5,560
    • Ticket Sales at door = 1,000
    • Winery decorations were great, but the voting for best decorated winery was a fail.  Not enough voters, only 5 wineries had more than 60 votes.
  • Barrel Tasting
    • Issue of whether to pay for porta potties in downtown plaza area.  Board unanimously voted not to pay for the porta potties.  There are 3 public restrooms in the downtown area.
      • Wine Road provides nice signs to be posted for public restroom locations
    • Expecting to sell approximately 14,000 tickets (about 16,000 tickets were sold in 2014)
    • Pamphlet color coding
      • It was voiced at the 2014 recap meeting that the wineries participating in 1 weekend only be differentiated by color in the pamphlet – the cost to do this is at least $2,000 more.
      • Board unanimously voted not to color code the pamphlet.
  • 40th Anniversary
    • It has been decided to try and make the 40th anniversary a year long event
      • Different events will be held highlighting each season and the events within the season
    • May 9, 2016 Gala & Community event
      • Community Event – to be held in Healdsburg Plaza during the day
        • The focus will be on how Russian River Wine Road was formed
          • Portraits of the beginnings – founders, old pics of BT event in the plaza, etc – museum to contribute to display
          • Includes wine, food, music, and merchandise
      • Gala Event
        • Possibly held at KJ’s new property / Night event
        • Ticket price to fall between $200-$250
        • Silent auction, sit down dinner, celebrity chefs, showcase founding  members, etc
  • Explore Your Backyard
    • Takes place on May 9th
    • Tickets are now available online


10:00  More Events

  • Video on How to for Barrel Tasting
    • Received a lot of input from members
    • Approximately 15 minutes offers quick tips collaborated by members
    • Will be available online and be shown at pre-event meeting
  • Pre-Event Meeting
    • Hosted at Raven Theater
    • Mandatory attendance
    • Ann working on a powerpoint component


10:05  Marketing & PR

  • Seattle / February
    • 1 day festival to take place on Sunday
    • Press lunch on Monday
    • 6 wineries participating
  • SoCo Tourism
    • 2/7/15-2/8/15
    • New texting ability to consumers to sign up on WR mailing list – texting 13131 by consumer creates doorway to sign up instantly to the mailing list
  • Grant from Sonoma County for advertising
    • No news as of yet – hope to hear by April
  • Monthly sessions with Rebecca
    • Various topics held on different days
    • Great RSVP response so far
  • Printed Quarterly newsletter
    • 2014 recap in the works for the first quarterly release
  • Monterey / June
    • Beginning to take sign ups – have 2 wineries signed up so far

10:15  Board of Directors

  • Retreat date TBD / dependant on Scott’s (facilitator) available dates
  • Elections
    • Waiting to hear back before 1 person before ballot is completed – hope to have ballot out by 2/10/15

10:20  High School Scholarships

  • Had 5 applicants
  • Board decided to offer all five applicants each $1,000


10:25  Old Business

  • Sonoma County Vintners presentation
    • Beth Rocked!  As last presenter, she emphasized the social media impact that we all have as well as inform audience of all the amazing things Wine Road does.


10:30:  New Business

  • Membership Applications
    • Dawn Ranch – membership to be accepted
    • Mutt Lynch – membership to be accepted
    • Gustafson – moving location, no additional fees to be assessed
  • Editorial Calendar
    • Implementing many features
      • recipe every month
      • FB contest
      • Pinterest
      • Editorials for press releases
      • blogs
      • Use of hashtags to increase Wine Road exposure


10:35  New Logo

  • Outline process to move forward
  • Narrowed down to 4 designs – going outside of our sphere for input/opinions before finalizing.


10:40  Prior Board Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve – Robin
  • Seconded – Ross


10:45  Meeting Adjourned


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