Add Wine Specials and Lodging Specials

Beth Costa on Nov 30, 2020

Hello to all of our winery members –

1. Take a few minute to log onto and go to the event calendar.

2. ADD YOUR HOLIDAY GIFT SETS, or holiday special offers.

3 .Have the link go directly to your shopping page.

4. At the bottom of the form, click on the button that says “wine specials”.

We are sending out our consumer newsletter on Thursday, which will include the 20 wineries that submitted gift sets, it will also have a link directing people to SHOP FOR MORE IDEAS.

This email will also be sent out to the SF Chron subscriber list, so there will be plenty of exposure.
We will also be sharing on social.

Make it happen –
Go team go!


Hello to all of our lodging members

1. Log onto

2. Add a lodging special – a buy now/stay later offer would be great or any type of stay two nights, three night is free…. what ever you can think of.

Our consumer newsletter goes out this Thursday and it will have a link to the Lodging Specials page.
It will suggest giving a Lodging Gift Certificate, so you can buy now/stay later
It will also encourage staycations, and treating yourself…self care etc.

We need more specials added to the page.

Posted by Beth Costa