Looking for PERKS for our Insiders

Beth Costa on May 6, 2022

Hello to all of our winery members –

We are about to launch our Insider club for consumers.

We have a great list of wineries online that are offering 2 for 1 tasting, or 10% off wine purchases along with a few shipping offers.
These are all ongoing Privileges for Insider members.

NOW we need to add some limited time PERKS for members.
These are limited time offers you want to extend – signed bottles, cellar or vineyard tours, discounted charcuterie boards, invitations to special events – ??
Could even be a discount on a particular wine for 2 weeks only, or logo glass with a wine purchase…anything you want, for a set amount of time.

We are launching now, so there are currently NO members, it will be a slow process to build this memberships.
If you offer a PERK, you may or may not have someone take you up on the offer, but the more offers there are, the more enticing the club will be.

To offer a PERK, please log onto the website in the Members section, with your email and password.
Once there, you will see a link Insider Perks – just fill out the form and hit submit.

This is just like submitting an event for the calendar, posting a job listing, or a wine award.

Thank you in advance for supporting this new program.


Posted by Beth Costa