Wine Road Podcast Episode 185

Liana on Oct 5, 2023

Beth and Marcy in the studio

In Episode 185 of the podcast, we welcome Dr. Henry Barham, an acclaimed ENT physician, who introduces us to an innovative product called Vinotastr. This unique product is a taste testing kit featuring four strips that enable users to discover their palate sensitivities, helping them determine whether they lean towards bitterness or sweetness in wines. Vinotastr uses cutting-edge science to measure individual taste receptors, providing users with accurate predictions of what kind of wines they’re likely to enjoy. The product was designed to simplify and personalize the often-intimidating process of buying wine.

We explore the transformative potential Vinotastr brings to the table for the wine industry. Conveniently available for order online, the test kit allows users to venture into the realm of wines right from the comfort of their homes and make purchases based on the app’s personalized recommendations. More than just a guide for wine purchases, Vinotastr also empowers users with a fluency in ‘wine language’, enabling them to confidently express their preferences at tasting rooms or wine stores. Ideal for both wine novices and connoisseurs looking to expand their horizons, Vinotastr uniquely correlates personal taste receptors with wine preferences, making wine appreciation a truly personalized journey.

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