Wine Road Podcast Episode 184

Liana on Sep 21, 2023

Beth and Marcy in the studio, Dr. Clinton Lee in the bottom right corner

Join us on a fascinating journey with our guest, Dr. Lee from the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirits Institute (APWASI) in episode 184 of our podcast. Learn about the institute’s mission to share and celebrate the diverse stories of world cultures through food, wine, and spirits. Through their extensive collection of over 30 online courses, you can explore delicacies from caviar, cigars, and foie gras, to a wide array of wines and spirits. Each course is designed to be engaging and accessible, providing deep cultural insights alongside knowledge about these luxury items.

Dive deeper into cultural nuances as Dr. Lee illuminates the importance of etiquette and manners in establishing meaningful connections across cultures. Enhance your social intelligence with his book, “Master the Art of Manners: Modern Day Etiquette for Any Situation”, which provides practical guidance for various scenarios. In addition, discover the generational change and innovation occurring in the wine industry from the intriguing guests on Dr. Lee’s own podcast, The Wine Buzz. Whether through his far-reaching online presence, including TikTok, YouTube, and his online classes, or in his published works, Dr. Lee opens up a world of wine, culture, and etiquette for eager learners.

Podcast Sponsored by: River Road Family Vineyards and Winery

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