2019 Pinot Noir, Mendocino Ridge

Woodenhead Winery on Mar 21, 2022

Planted in 2003 and 2004 by a company called Manchester Ridge LLC, on land leased from the Piper Family, which in the end gave up and was then taken over by the family and managed by Martin Mochizuki. I discovered this wine under the La Follete label and was enamored. Made by some distinguished names over the years including Greg La Follete, Byron Kosuge and Kenneth Juhasz. Isolated on a ridgetop overlooking the Pacific and the town of Manchester on the coast. The vineyard site is approx. 2700’ in elevation on a mesa, about seven miles off pavement. Soil is Ornbaum-Zeni, a mountainous and hard rocky soil. Clean air, ocean breezes and ridge heat are all part of the terroir here. Tasting Notes: Gorgeous light ruby in color, berry aromas rise from the glass both red and black, with a chapparal like dusting and some lite cigar box tones, fruit driven, cheerful and charming. On the palate, berries abound in plentiful profusion, a joy in the kisser. Juicy, dripping with succulence, a luscious mouthful. I love this stuff, it’s fun to drink! Finishes with herbal red berried delight. Everything in balance with a little tannin to give it some stuffing. I drink it on it’s own, but it would go with any lighter fare. Enjoy this fairly priced gem!

Posted by Woodenhead Winery