Executive Board Meeting – May 12, 2016

Beth Costa on May 13, 2016

Executive Board Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2016 9:00
Wine Road Office
In Attendance: Robin, Sue, Julia, Beth, Stacy

Absent: Robert

9:15 Meeting Called to Order by Robin

9:17 March Minutes
● Motion to approve Sue
/ Seconded Robin

9:20 Treasurer’s Report
● Checking $
● Savings $
● Beth will be emailing budget spreadsheets, including all expenses and revenue
for 40th events

9:25 40th Anniversary
○ Ruby Affair 156
Tickets Sold / Online Auction Closed on 5/11
○ Magical Mystery Tour
■ 1820
Tickets Sold
○ Art of Oak
■ 12 left to Sell will
be sold as silent auction items
○ Community Festival
■ No new news looking
into artists/musician

9:30 Public Relations
● Wagstaff / Sonoma County Tourism
○ Officially will no longer be working with Wagstaff
○ Beth met with Tim from Sonoma County Tourism WR
is partnering with
Sonoma County Tourism and Beth has committed to travel 1x per month

9:40 Events Committee set
date and agenda
● Put out email to solicit feedback and ask for volunteers to join committee
○ Waiting for retreat notes to see who is interested in heading up committee

9:50 Membership Info
● Spicy Vines submitted
● Asking Kevin to see if he is interested in heading up the membership committee

10:00 Review format for Retreat suggestions
for next year
● Maybe 2 day format more
focus on strategic moves for the organizations
● Looking into having next retreat in June

10:05 Old Business
● Discussion on continuing membership for delinquent/problem members
● Explore your backyard only
80 tickets sold
○ Committee to evaluate if WR is to continue this event

10:10 New Business
● Membership Meeting is to be on December 7th
● Moving office hope
to get into Grove Street location which is opening in August
○ 1400 Sq Feet
○ Waiting to hear from landlord to see if we got the space
● Monterey 12
wineries signed up
● San Diego 6
wineries signed up

10:25 Meeting
Motion to adjourn Julia
/ Seconded Robin

Posted by Beth Costa