Executive Board Meeting – May 2014

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

May 14, 2014

Wine Road Office

In Attendance:  Renae Perry, Robin Calkins, Ross James, Sue Burnett, Beth Costa,

                       Stacy Rafanelli


Called to Order – Renae Perry @ 3:11pm


3:10  Treasurer’s Report

  • Checking:  $142,184.10
  • Savings:  $220,202.60

3:15  Review Updated Budget Proposal

  • No update, agreed to sit down with Ross in the next week to discuss

3:20  Review of Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve:  Ross
  • Seconded:  Sue

3:25  General Meeting Outline

  • Date and Time of General meeting TBD
  • Discussion on major topics and Goals to cover at general meeting
    • Topics for General meeting are a result of what board members discussed at retreat and the results of the survey
    • Main goal is to create awareness of what board members do and encourage participation
    • Who is the board and how does it work
    • Discuss the importance of committees and how important each is in implementing of ideas
    • The need to clarify the main mission of the Wine Road
    • Explain the importance of the Wine Road office and how it is the nucleus of the Wine Road
    • Highlight the importance of our social media and the estimated potential avenues of exposure it has created

4:15  Committee updates – new members / schedule

  • There are many people signing up for the committees / schedules are still being discussed

4:20:  Wine Tourism Day

  • 140 tickets were sold
  • Full page ad in SF Chronicle and Ad in Sonoma Magazine
  • 6 positive reports – great feedback

4:25  Website Update

  • The website is progressing  and is expected to be completely moved over to Word Press within the next 10 days
  • New look of the newsletter
  • Redesigned the “Along the Wine Road” blog

4:30  Press Tour

  • June 16-19 – no news yet

4:32:  New Member Application

  • Fog Crest – submitted an application, want to meet with the applicants and explain the Wine Road in detail and what the applicant can expect from the Wine Road

4:40:  New Business

  • An additional board member is needed / winery representative
  • Letters to Restaurants who are on website, asking for gift certificates, etc

4:50:  Old Business – none

4:55  Review of Beth’s Goals

5:10  Meeting Adjourned


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