Wine Road Executive Board

April 9, 2014   3:00pm

Wine Road Office


Meeting Minutes

Present: Renae Perry, Ross James, Sue Burnet, Bruce Thomas, Beth Costa.

Excused Absent: Robin Calkins & Stacy Rafanelli


Called to order – Renae Perry


Treasurer’s Report – Beth

Reviewed profit/loss to date. Sold approx. 9000 BT tix at $30 up from less than 1000 last year, budget numbers are way off. Need to re-do budget for remainder of year based on actual BT income.











Pending review. We did have the opportunity to make a few minor corrections and re-submit. Beth is not sure when the final announcements will be made.


General Meeting

Do we want a PowerPoint and more of a meeting format or a casual outdoor BBQ with a brief presention – no PowerPoint? This will determine location.


Old Business – nothing


New Business – nothing


Meeting to adjourned 4:45


Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Costa