Executive Board Meeting – April 2014

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Wine Road Executive Board

April 9, 2014   3:00pm

Wine Road Office


Meeting Minutes

Present: Renae Perry, Ross James, Sue Burnet, Bruce Thomas, Beth Costa.

Excused Absent: Robin Calkins & Stacy Rafanelli


Called to order – Renae Perry


Treasurer’s Report – Beth

Reviewed profit/loss to date. Sold approx. 9000 BT tix at $30 up from less than 1000 last year, budget numbers are way off. Need to re-do budget for remainder of year based on actual BT income.



  • Recent press visits – Chicago Sun Times & Edible Skinny, both people Beth met while on press trips to Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • Seattle – 20 wineries, ticket sales slow, currently 120.
  • Phoenix – excellent – good press interest and 150 consumers (100 goal)
  • Tucson – too small of a market, few consumers, no press, total waste
  • Monterey – it’s a go, we have 16 wineris, may get more once we commit
  • June – press tour here – plan to bring 6-8 CA centric here for 3 days
  • Portland – July/August – format – maybe just Beth, 1-2 quick days of appointments, lunch & dinner.



  • Lodging inquiry – approved new members America’s Best Value on Cleveland Ave. Debbie to send welcome letter.
  • New surveys – board has made several edits, Beth to send out tomorrow
  • Capping – need to complete formal write up for approval at retreat. Information should go out with assessments this July as we are close to the 200 cap.



  • Barrel Tasting – no changes anticipated for next year to overall format. Suggestion – training prior to event on managing crowd, security later in the day.
  • Wine Tourism Day (not an event – an adventure) – all pieces in place, tickets launched – now wait and see. Promoting heavily on social media.
  • Wine & Food Affair – calendar, cookbook, ticket prices – at the retreat we can confirm pricing, but calendars are about done being designed and Beth to meet with Brian Kreck on Monday to make final plans for the online system to upload recipes.



  • Review agenda – approved as presented



Pending review. We did have the opportunity to make a few minor corrections and re-submit. Beth is not sure when the final announcements will be made.


General Meeting

  • Date, location, format – need to confirm outline and format at the retreat.

Do we want a PowerPoint and more of a meeting format or a casual outdoor BBQ with a brief presention – no PowerPoint? This will determine location.

  • Next year – combined with So Co Vintners – new proposal via the Presidents Council – each AVA have 10-15 miutes to follow up after the Vintners – so everyone is shareing more info. This would take place next January.


Old Business – nothing


New Business – nothing


Meeting to adjourned 4:45


Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Costa



Posted by Beth Costa