WR Board Mtg – Nov. 2023

Beth Costa on Nov 14, 2023

Wine Road Board of Directors

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023


Note locationLongboard Vineyards



Present: John, Teri, Jack, Lillian, Helen, Katie, Aaron, Devin, (Beth)

Absent: Dan, Oded, Harry, Lucas, Brooke

Submitted: Helen Sharrocks

Call to order: 9:08am


Review Meeting Minutes – July & Sept, October – Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report:  HTID partnership $15,000 – Submitted by Beth                      


W&F Affair- 1910 tix sold. $30k over projection. Suggest doubling the number of VIP and adding 2 more wineries to offer Friday reception/Saturday brunch. Designate VIP with special lanyard.

Winter WINEland  – tickets launch Nov. 8th for Insiders, 9th public

February Wine Trail date has been shared (Feb. 10) sign-up in Dec – New name so not to confuse.



Google tastings – every other month in 2024. Offer food, better signage. 2 staff per winery to promote their wine.

“Locals” Tasting Offers / Sonoma County residents – unanimous vote to NOT move forward.


Wine Road will seek 6-8 restaurants to offer free corkage with local wine January-March. To be offered during regular business hours. List will be compiled on a card to be given out by WR TRs.

Vote to move forward: 7 yes, 1 no.                                     

Wine Road Ambassador

Created printed version of quiz and study guide for staff meetings. Hardcopy printed for team testing.


To date 7 wineries and 6 lodgings not renewing – Aaron will reach out to lodgings.

2 new wineries – Banshee, Idlewild

Member sales seminar – offered twice, 90 attendees – Suggest increasing the price to $15- $25 to cover costs. Continue to offer this valuable resource. 

Old Business – Member Meeting Dec. 14th – invitations out Nov. 8th – Lillian provided running order. Also Board members are tasked with manning six WR program tables.

Ambassador – Katie

Insider – Oded

Weekly memo – Danny, Helen

Podcasts – Devin

Varietal of the month – Teri

Seminar – Annual events – John

Sip / Stay – Harry

Beth will provide scripts for the Program Tables.


New Business


Meeting adjourned – 10:09am



John Viszlay termed out Mar-17
Devin Reddick termed out Mar-17
Teri Rolleri 2 more years on 1st term Mar-22
Jack Seifrick 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Lillian Fechter 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Dan Christensen 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Oded Shakked 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Helen Sharrocks can run again – YES Mar-21
Harry Wetzel can run again – YES Mar-21
Katie Ambrosie can run again – YES Mar-21
Lucas Meeker can run again – ? Mar-21
Brooke Ross can run again – ? Mar-21
Aaron Krug can run again – YES Mar-21


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