WR Board Mtg. Dec. 2023

Beth Costa on Dec 14, 2023

Wine Road Board of Directors

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

10:00am-12:00pm = Meeting / Brunch


Attending: John, Dan, Lillian, Oded, Katie, Devin, Lucas, Aaron, Teri, Helen, Beth



Call to order – 10:03am


Review Meeting Minutes – November – approved


Treasurer’s Report – Lillian, Devin, Beth, Dan will review and report back.




Winter WINEland sales on par with last year. Early bird was no help/ and costly.

VIP lanyards, Happy Hour and Breakfast – Silver Oak and Bricoleur hosting. Sold out!

Wine Love Wine Trail – Feb. 10 – 41 wineries participating.

Barrel Tasting sign-ups – 35 wineries so far.



Google tastings–comp tasting, QR codes to wineries. No food served. January pouring.


Member Meeting – Holiday Bash-Brief words from Beth and Lillian. Then party.

87 RSVPs. Hoping for 100.

Facebook for members to problem solve with each other is up and running.



New Business – Locations for next three meetings.




Meeting adjourned at 10:37am.



John Viszlay termed out Mar-17
Devin Reddick termed out Mar-17
Teri Rolleri 2 more years on 1st term Mar-22
Jack Seifrick 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Lillian Fechter 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Dan Christensen 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Oded Shakked 1 more year on 2nd term Mar-19
Helen Sharrocks can run again – YES Mar-21
Harry Wetzel can run again – YES Mar-21
Katie Ambrosie can run again – YES Mar-21
Lucas Meeker can run again – ? Mar-21
Brooke Ross can run again – ? Mar-21
Aaron Krug can run again – YES Mar-21


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