WR Board Mtg. Feb, 2024

Beth Costa on Feb 14, 2024

Board of Directors Meeting February 14,2024 9:00-10:30 Balletto Vineyards


Present: Dan, Lillian, Katie, Devin, Lucas, Jack, Teri, Helen, Beth Absent: Oded, Aaron, Brooke

Call to Order – 9:11am. Motion to approve minutes by Lucas. Seconded Danny. Approved. Board Elections – Needed: 1 lodging rep. Beth will ask Dawn Ranch.

Treasurer’s Report – checking $215,336,94 / savings $150,270.97 (as of Feb. 1, 2024)
Very encouraging year. Sales and income increased. Beth’s bonus unanimously approved. Purchase of microwave – approved.

Events – Wine Trail will keep set dates: May 11, July 13, Sept 14. Barrel Tasting currently at 1,300 sold. Beth will advertise on Wine Bible – $200.
Due to Eventbrite formatting change each ticket for BT had to be recreated in-house. Beth confirmed WR will switch to CellarPass – same price at conclusion of BT. Eventbrite will be used for free events only. SC Tourism will offer $15 discount to Wine Trails for anyone that visits four BT wineries.
Discussion about how to reach audience and best spend advertising dollars. Beth will look into Podcasts.

Ambassadors: Discussion on how to encourage TR staff to earn the ambassador title. Suggest a poster of the pin for TR to identify guests that are wearing it.

Google – March, April, June, Sept: #SipSonoma & Comp Tasting – very successful.

Holiday Bash – After some discussion, it was decided to set the date for week after Thanksgiving. Make a concerted effort to invite all TR staffs. Change hours to 4pm-6pm. Passport concept was successful and guests enthusiastically participated.

Facebook – Wine Road Member Chat – 20 people so far.

New Business – Beth has committed to the listing below:
New Ticketing platform – CellarPass
Website – more traffic with more blogs
Print ads – Visit CA Road Trips – 600,000 distribution $5780
Print ad – VIA Mag – out in Nov for the year Discover ad section $5700 Digital leaderboard VIA email – May, July, Sept, Nov $600 per month New Members – Leo Steen & The Stavrand

Meeting adjourned at: 10:01am

Next meeting March 14, 2024 – 9am at Merriam April 11, 2024 – 9am – Location – TBD

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