Board Meeting – Oct 12, 2022

Beth Costa on Oct 2, 2022

Wine Road Board of Directors
Wednesday October 12, 2022
Orsi Family Winery

Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:

9:10am Called to order

9:05am Meeting minutes from August not available today – will review at next meeting.

9:10am Treasurer’s Report
 Checking $16,394.08 Savings $150,132.72
 Pending WFA ticket sales approx. $160,000 Sales end Oct. 31
 Outstanding assessments $15,000

9:15am Wine & Food Affair
Outstanding bills
 Flipboard $10,000
 Glasses $10,000 (should have 1000 to roll over to Wineland)
 Misc ads $3000 +/-
 Reimbursements – will depend on ticket sales

9:20am Winter WINEland®
 Sign up ends Oct. 21 – ticket sales Nov. 9/10
 Ads – focus on locals & greater Bay Area $10,000
 Ordering 6-bottle bags for each ticket buyer 2000 = $3000+/-
 Reimburse for selfie station /photo area
 Will need to order 2000 +/- glasses $6500.

9:25am Insider – Members & Events
 Cab event sold out – profit $500, after host (Ziggy) & rentals
 Zin event sold out – profit $600, after rentals and supplies
 Only have 10 members, budged 200 by Dec. 31 – shortfall of $20,000
o Promoting at San Diego Bay Food & Wine
o Ad in Visit CA mag, out for a year $3000
o Banners on Certified Distribution page, included in contract

9:30am Membership
 Only one current member did not renew – Portalupi
 Multiple contact efforts to ALL former members – minimal success

9:40am Old / New Business
 Opportunity to give away something for inbound Palm Springs flight
 San Diego Bay Food & Wine – Beth & Mysty to set press appointments – 10 wineries attending thus far.
 Attending Concierge Trade Show in SF Nov. 17
o Too expensive – no go
 Working with TX connections for possible “Wine Road on the Train”
 New map – 1st round of edits at printer. Suggested we print 60,000
o Board elected to approve printing 60,000 to start
o It was recommended that Beth reach out to various chambers of commerce for map advertising/sponsorship
 Need date & location for Member Meeting – Dec or Jan FORMAT ?
o Will determine location later.
o Goal to invite ALL winery tasting room staff for a more educational meeting – bring referral cards to share, talk about Trade Ambassador program, consider Wine Road Certificate – like the Petaluma Gap has on their site for trade. Review websigte, so staff know how to better help their visitors,

For now…Focus needs to be on sponsorships for our Blog and/or our Varietal of the Month – each costing us $500 a month. I have sent samples to multiple vendors, but no interest at this point. Will continue to follow up. We could also offer up our map for sponsorship. The map would be immediate for printing.

10:00 am Meeting adjourns

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