Last Call Wine & Food Affair

Beth Costa on Aug 21, 2021

Hello to all of our winery members –

Some of you have said you were not going to be able to participate in Wine & Food Affair this year and we totally understand. There are many hurdles to trying to host an event this year.

That being said, if you DO plan to participate we get your information ASAP.

These are the details –

Wine & Food Affair…more of a “crush” this year

We have the list of winerie online HERE We have the program onlline HERE

if you want to join this group – please email the details by Wednesday, Aug. 25. The online form is no longer active.


Customers may visit up to 5 wineries in a day – reservation times are 11:00, 12:15, 1:30, 2:45, 4:00. We will advertise event from 11-5 with the last reservation at 4:00.

The actual time a guest has at your winery is 50 minutes. This gives them 25 minutes to drive, park, use the restroom and be seated for their next tasting. Obviously if they are going “next door” they could spend a bit more time with you.

The ticket price is $75 per day and $20 per day for Designated Drivers (no wine).

Ticket sales will END Oct. 26th, 10 days prior to the event, so you will know how many people you need to prepare food for. It may sell out sooner, based on the seats available.


There is no food reimbursement, as we are working on a budget of selling 500 tickets at $75 each – generating $37,500, not enough to reimburse for food costs. In prior years this event easily sold 3500 tickets.


if you are interested in hosting some type of winemaker dinner, or an evening wine reception on Friday night, Wine Road will promote it for you. Each winery will sell their own tickets and manage that event, but we will have details and links on our website and on our ticket page. The link will go directly to the wineries involved. Wine Road is going to charge $50 for you to be listed. We will also share a weekly post on social media to help you sell your tickets.

if you plan to offer a dinner, reception, evening tasting – we will add it to our website, just send us all of the details by THIS FRIDAY: date, time, location, price, brief description and LINK to purchase tickets. We will then invoice you for the $50.


There is no doubt things will continue to be revised and revisited between now and November.


Posted by Beth Costa