Who Are Your People?

Beth Costa on Mar 6, 2020

That was the question that resonated with me during the recent Sandra Hess seminar on “The Future of Tasting Rooms”.

Sandra talked about “communities” and how to build upon your community.
Like minded customers that would make a connection to your winery.

Does your winery promote sailing?
Is there a sailboat on your label, do you sponsor sailing events, do you sell logo items with a sailing motif?
Then you need to connect with the sailing community.

We are going to HIGHLIGHT various “communities” on our website, make a big push to help each of our members connect with “their people”. We’ll be sharing this via our social posts, blog, podcast and via press releases.

I have created a short list of “communities” to start with, but we can add to it based on YOUR feedback.

Let us know if YOU fit into one of these “communities”, but it has to be a clear connection.

If you connect with the cycling community, do you sell bike jerseys with your logo, do you sponsor or pour wine at bike races, do you have a bike on the logo of certain wines, do you offer anything special to cyclist that stop by your tasting room?
If so, then you’d fit into the “cycling community”.

If you fit into one of these categories, let me know why/how so we can include that information on our website and in our press release.
Out of our 180 winery members, I would assume about 60 of you do have a strong connection to a certain community.
Some of you may fit into multiple communities.

We are happy to add more “communities” if you are doing something to support the idea.

We have to start somewhere and we’d love your ideas.

Biking /Cycling –

Outdoor adventure –

Camping/RVing –

Fishing –

Sailing –

Hiking –

Cooking Classes –

Gardening –

Golfing –

Painting/Art/Crafts –

Beachgoer –

Grill Master –

Cars – classic, vintage, sports cars ,etc –

Beekeeping –

Heath & Fitness –


We already have a list of Pet/Dog Friendly and Family/Kid Friendly, so we don’t need that information.

Our goal is to have this added to our website by mid April, so we need your information by March 31.

Posted by Beth Costa