Wine Road Podcast Episode 201

Liana on May 22, 2024

In Episode 201 of the podcast, revered winemaker Carol Shelton delves into the creation and features of her new favorite wine, her 2022 Coquille Blanc. Carol also unveils her fondness for the art of food and wine pairing, alongside the distinct attributes of Coquille Blanc, underscoring her dedication to and mastery of her craft.

In a further exploration of her offerings, Carol introduces listeners to the Wild Thing Rendezvous Rosé from her Wild Thing label. The rosé boasts a dark hue owing to two days on the skins and a dry taste. Apart from her winemaking pursuits, Carol divulges her interest in painting. Her wealth of knowledge and contagious passion for winemaking come to life in this informative and captivating podcast episode.


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