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Beth Costa on Jun 14, 2023

Increasing Customers Winery Presentation

Hello to all of our winery and lodging members –

This morning we hosted Jeremy Young for a presentation on Growing Your Business, with a focus on:
Collecting email contacts from your website visitors
Understanding how to use SEO
Strategies to acquire customers and increase sales

Unfortunately we were not able to video the presentation, but we have attached the PowerPoint for you to review, then follow up with Jeremy with your questions or for more information.

At the Wine Road, we will be working with Jeremy and his team to:
Install WebsiteReveal to capture emails from the thousands of website visitors, who click on but don’t order a map or sign up for our newsletter.
Search Engine Optimization
– Google Search Console Setup
– Keyword Strategy
– Content Strategy
– On-Page SEO Strategy
– On-Page SEO Optimization
– Link Building
– Keyword Ranking Tracker
– SEO Performance Report (Looker Studio)
Website Development
– QA audits & enhacements
– Data Layers Implementation
– Site Optimization
– Bug fixes
– Remove Vulnerabilities
– Check all the backdoors and full scan
Our main goal is to build our contact/mailing list.
With new systems in place we hope to add 3000-5000 names a month to our list.
These are people that clicked on our website, so we assume they have interest.
We need to capture them.

Please reach out to Jeremy directly if you have questions or need more information on how to improve your website, capture more emails and ultimately increase your sales.

Increasing Customers Winery Presentation

Posted by Beth Costa