Rhône Wines Available Here – Part 1

Rebecca Germolus on Apr 11, 2018

Rhône wine varietals and blends have always been a favorite, so when more of these fruit-forward, food-friendly wines started being more readily available along the Wine Road, I was thrilled.

What Are Rhône Wines?

Rhône wines are made from grape varieties that originated in the Rhône region of Southern France. Some Rhône wines were being made in the early years of the US wine industry, but in the 1980s there was a movement to plant more Rhône varieties, especially in California. Since then, the number of Rhône varieties planted has grown significantly.

Rhône Wines List

If you aren’t familiar with Rhône wines, below is a list of some of the more popular varietals. This list will help you search for producers along the Wine Road by using the website’s “Search by Wine Type” tool.

Rhône varietals produced along the Wine Road:
Grenache Blanc
Muscat Blanc
Picpoul Blanc

Mounts Family Winery's Verah wines are delicous Rhone varietal blends.
Mounts Family Winery’s Verah wines are delicious Rhône varietal blends.

Stop Here for Rhône Blends

Wine Road wineries also produce delicious white and red Rhône blends, like Frick Winery’s Côtes-du-Dry Creek, Mounts Family Winery’s Verah, or Carol Shelton’s Coquille Blanc.

Frick Winery's Cotes Du Dry Creek
Frick Winery’s Cotes Du Dry Creek


One Rhône blend many wine lovers seek out is GSM, a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. You can find delicious GSMs along the Wine Road by visiting Trattore Farms, Ridge Vineyards, or Peterson Winery.

Trattore Farms has an array of Rhone varietals and blends for you to enjoy.
Trattore Farms has an array of Rhône varietals and blends for you to enjoy.


There are many other wonderful Rhône blends available to sip along the Wine Road. A stop at Sanglier Cellars or Cellars of Sonoma, both in downtown Healdsburg, will garner you tastes of a couple different Rhône blends, along with a few Rhône varietals. To get a longer list of Wine Road Rhône producers, I encourage you to visit this Wine Road link.

Sanglier Cellars offers Rhone varietals plus their Boar's Camp is a GSM blend.
Sanglier Cellars offers Rhône varietals plus their signature Boar’s Camp is a GSM blend.

What Makes Rhône Wines Popular?

When I get excited about finding a new Rhône varietal or blend, I’m often asked why? Please keep in mind I enjoy many other varietals and blends, but like everyone else, I like having a variety of wines available in my cellar. Rhône wines present a different palate profile—many offer bright forward fruit, and are made in an approachable, easy-to-enjoy style. They are also very easy to pair with a wide range of cuisines. The best way to learn about Rhône wines is to taste them!

Save the Date

If I’ve sparked your interest in Rhône wines, then be sure to mark your calendars for May 18th & 19th for a new Wine Road event, Esprit du Rhône. My next blog will dive deeper in to this event, and explore more Rhône wines along the Wine Road.

Be sure to save the date for the Wine Road's Esprit du Rhone.
Be sure to save the date for the Wine Road’s Esprit du Rhône.


Happy Sipping!

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