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Starlite Vineyards on Mar 13, 2012


Starlite Tasting Room Hours: Daily 10:30 am to 5 pm


We are a boutique winery and estate located in Sonoma County’s famed Alexander Valley.

The vineyards are nestled on a hilltop close to the Russian River. With support from our wine makers, we have created elegant yet delicate wines with the most impressionable flavors and bouquets. Our patrons have described our wines as European in style and the sommeliers at the top establishments have hailed our wines as the most expressive of their varietals from our region.

Our Zinfandel is “claret” in style and marks all the characteristics of the greatest mount-watering varietals with soft tannins, rich fruit and ruby color. The wine is elegant with expressive aromas and layers upon layers of luscious berries and black cherries. On the palate, the fruit is integrated with soft tannins to create a smooth and silky texture. The wine has a long and magical finish with hints of gentle spice.

Our Viognier is “Condrieu” in style and exudes scents of orange blossom and honeysuckle along with layers of apricot, peaches and nectarine. The wine is deliciously ripe and fruitful, yet surprisingly dry and full-bodied with a luscious mouth-feel. The finish is moderately long, refreshing and crisp with a burst of acidity.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is “Bordeaux” in style and is marked with cassis and plums with silky textures and refined tannins. It is seductive on the palate with gorgeous aromas of vanilla and chocolate. The perfect acidity makes the wine a pairing choice with a variety of dishes and is among the most spectacular examples of the varietal.

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