Sunce Winery

Sunce Winery on Jul 23, 2012

Sunce, established in 1991, is located just off of River Road on Olivet Road in the heart of the Russian River Valley. A small untra-premuim winery producing small lots of rare varietals, vineyard designates and classic blends. Quality is preferred over quantity; each release is limited, sometimes to 200 cases or less and many are pre-sold through barrel futures.

Sunce Winery, meaning “sun” in Serbo-Croatian, is located on one of the oldest roads in Sonoma County. Where olive trees once dominated the landscape, century old head pruned vines now quietly assert their beauty. Nestled in this serene environment, Sunce Winery provides a tranquil, romantic, yet down-to-earth atmosphere. Enjoy a picnic on the deck and play a game or two of bocce ball. Stroll the estate Pinot Noir Vineyard and if you see Frane (the wine maker) hanging around ask him to take you to his barrels.

Open daily 10:30 am – 5 pm.

Ticket to the Wine Road Offer:
Complimentary Tasting with Croatian-born Winemaker Frane Franicevic,
Call ahead for a reservation–at least 24 hours.


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